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Nathalie Paco presents tonight in the bookstore En Las Nubes de Bullas ‘Indieside’ a book with images and texts from the artists who have set a new pace

In more than 30 years devoted to photography, Nathalie Paco can assure you that she has captured over 700 groups: “These are the ones I identified, but there will be more photos.” Now part of his collection of snapshots, taken at the end of the last century, is part of ‘Indieside: the independent music scene in Spain in the 90s’. A book with photos and 156 testimonials from some 150 artists and professionals – musicians, singers, journalists, photographers, record label directors, promoters, managers, hall directors, illustrators… – who were involved in what was a wave of alternative music . “Most are concert photos, but there are also backstage and promotional photos from record labels like Elefant Records to groups like Piraña or Automatics.”

Nathalie Paco will present the book tonight, at 9:00 PM, in the bookstore En Las Nubes de Bullas. «We will have a good time in the cool air,» says the author of a meeting in which Iluminados will perform, the group from Bullas, voiced by Isabel Espín, one of those who contributed to the rise of the alternative scene, «who went to an event with me before the book came out”; Xesca Font, from Alias ​​​​​​Galor, “who comes from Barcelona”; and Ana in Sin. Also “there will be surprises.”

“I’ve been archiving photos for years and hadn’t thought of putting out a book, but I knew this material would be useful and I had to take care of it,” says the photographer. «Years ago I spoke to Julio Ruiz [periodista y locutor de radio al mando del programa ‘Disco Grande’ durante 50 años y autor del prólogo de ‘Indieside’] to write a book in which I would include the photos, but due to a matter of time the project fell through». On the other hand: «Last year there was a lot of talk in the media about the 1990s and I noticed that graphic documents were scarce. Ana Espino [de Iluminados] He told me it was time to release my book.”

And with the idea clear, Nathalie Paco embarked on the adventure with a crowdfunding campaign via the Verkami platform. “I lived that process in a tachycardia way. Until the last moment I didn’t know if I would get out. But it’s amazing that people are participating. You don’t know to what extent you can reach people with a very personal project. I would like to encourage readers to support initiatives and remind them that if they don’t get funding, they don’t lose their money.”

One of the most complicated issues in creating the book was locating the artists featured in the snapshots. “Even though the photos are mine, I wanted everyone in the book to know and agree. It was very difficult to contact those who are not on site and not on social networks. Some have evolved with technology and others have not wanted that.

Alias ​​Galor, Australian Blonde, Automatics, Cornflakes, Crank, Ray Dickaty, Doctor Explosion, Echobelly, El Inquilino Comunista, Furious Planet, Gallygows, Happy Losers, Hipsters, Honey Langstrumpf, Iluminados, Inoxidables, Insanity Wave, Intronautas, Kebrantas, La Buena vida, La Nube, Lagartija Nick, Le Mans, The Lemonheads, Los Planetas, Mercromina, The Posies, Radiohead, Usura and The Yellow Melodies are some of the many groups that appear on the pages.

Nathalie Paco worked as director of photography for the music magazine ‘Spiral’ and has been the official photographer of the Benicasim Festival (FIB) for 13 years. “Twelve actually, because when I was six months pregnant, in 1996, the festival director forbade me to take pictures in the well for fear of an accident. They put me in a “Spiral” booth and I ran. I took few pictures, but I would see the concerts”, says the author about “a time that marked my life musically”.

However, the photographer is currently disconnected from the music. “I’ve had enough. It’s been many years of concerts. Now everything is macro festivals and I have agoraphobia. I don’t feel like it anymore,” explains Nathalie, a restless professional who has lived in Madrid for 28 years, “later in China, Bilbao and now I will rest in Murcia for a few months” to settle in Cuba for a while later “I am going to help my sister with an organic farming project.”

The writer, who works as a freelance press photographer and has her own photo agency Todayimages, is already thinking of a second book. “It will follow the same style and will be about the beginnings of electronic music in the first decade of the 21st century.” For now, tonight he will enjoy an outdoor evening devoted to indie music “with anyone who wants to join us”.

Source: La Verdad


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