Travel to the Wild West to raise money against childhood cancer


Military Officer Carlos Vicuña’s First Novel, “The Three Guides,” Will Allocate Its Sales to the El Sueño de Vicky Foundation

Born in Alicante with roots in Cartagena (1980), Carlos Vicuña Montalbán’s first novel is one of those works that goes beyond fiction and mixes with reality to tell the kind of stories that make you think. The protagonist of ‘The Three Guides’ (Círculo Rojo, 2022) is a little boy who falls into a deep sleep while preparing for surgery on a tumor. As a lover of stories from the American Wild West, he plunges into an unprecedented adventure. “The boy will have to help a sick girl from the tribe and for this he will have to go on a fantastic journey in search of a wizard who will instruct him to get the three remedies for evil, fear and sadness,” explains Carlos. Vicuña, grandson of commander Jesús Montalbán, who was director of the music band Tercio de Levante for 27 years.

In addition to fantasy, there is also room for historical fiction thanks to characters such as Crazy Horse, Red Cloud or General Lancaster. All this serves to create “a journey full of values ​​and advice” aimed at all those children suffering from an illness and their parents.

However, the ultimate goal of ‘De Drie Gidsen’ is to help research into cancer in children. «The benefits go to the El Sueño de Vicky foundation. I didn’t write the book to make money’, recalls the soldier who works as a volunteer at the ASPANION association.

In fact, it is his experience with these children that inspired him to create the protagonist who “represents not one in particular, but all at once”. His wish is to contribute something to these little ones, including that this book can be read in hospitals and help them cope with their situation.

Some time ago, Carlos Vicuña already managed to collect several messages from celebrities in a YouTube video intended for sick children. Motivated by the same idea, he managed to collect a series of posts written by characters such as the actor Rodolfo Sancho, Adriana Cerezo, Álex, Corretja, Santi Cañizares, Pasillo Effect, Ray Zapata, Niko Sherazadishvili, Nahikari García and Filiu, who in the work appear.

The official presentation of ‘The three guides’ by Carlos Vicuña will take place on November 3 in Valencia and will be attended by a number of well-known personalities. In addition, the author is in talks with La Casa del Libro to perform another one in the city of Cartagena.

Source: La Verdad


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