The Flamenco Week in Alhama promotes the most social aspect


The artists who are part of the program visit the inmates of the Campos del Río prison and offer workshops and lectures in occupation centers and vulnerable groups

Rocío Márquez and Bronquio will visit the Campos del Río-Murcia II prison center, in an event that is part of the programming of the VI Flamenco Week in Alhama de Murcia, in collaboration with the association Solidarios para el Desarrollo. This cultural event has a decidedly social character and one of its efforts is to bring music and flamenco closer to people who for various reasons cannot enjoy this art in landscape spaces. In this way they manage to reach some of the most disadvantaged groups.

The social program for this edition will start this Friday the 9th, at 10 am, with the visit of the LaboratoriA Flamenco collective to the Las Flotas Therapeutic Center, where they will share the morning with local users undergoing addiction treatment. Esteban Garrido and Paco Mora, musically known as Volante de La Puebla, will visit the Sagrada Familia Day Center for the Elderly at the same time. The Sevillians will bring their specific versions to the users of the center, to traditional songs of copla and pasodoble, supported by electronic music, bridging generations through the platitudes that music offers.

Also on Friday, at 12 noon, the visual artist and musician Derek Van Den Bulcke Lorca, based in Blanca, will participate in a meeting at the Municipal Center for Psychosocial Care in Las Salinas. In the act, the performer will present some of his repertoire, exposing his experience and career as a musician exploring new themes, always from the re-reading of the local traditional heritage.

For their part, Rocío Márquez and Bronquio will attend the Campos del Río-Murcia II Maximum Security Penitentiary Center on Saturday 10, at 10 am, to conduct a workshop in the Culture Classroom, which the Solidarios para el Development , thanks to the team led by the anthropologist and writer Ángeles Carnacea, has been performing at the center for years.

Raúl Cantizano and Los Voluble will visit the Municipal Music School of Alhama de Murcia on Sunday 11, at 10:30 am and will meet with the students of the Maestro José Antonio Ayala Cultural Musician Athenaeum. During the event, the musicians will share their experiences and careers with the students, give their views on music and explain how they apply creativity to their projects.

Already on Monday the 12th, at 10 am, Tomás de Perrate, accompanied by his musicians, will visit the Vocational Center of Las Salinas to get to know its reality. Perrate will talk to users about his family’s flamenco tradition and discuss his artistic career and offer them his flamenco wisdom. In this way, all the artists who will perform during the Flamenco Week in Alhama de Murcia will share their experiences with the different groups in a social program that the people of the centers look forward to every year, for them their specific annual flamenco party .

Source: La Verdad


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