Sustainable development, link between companies and ECOS Festival


impulse. ElPozo Alimentación, Iberchem, Grupo Sedauto, Coato, Hotel Jardines de La Santa and Autocares Espuña contribute to a balance between culture, tourism and nature

For the ECOS Sierra Espuña International Early Music Festival, there are two words that cannot be separated: culture and heritage. Precisely this union was the seed that led to the birth of this event dedicated to early music six years ago, which went beyond a festival and reunited with nature and the environment of the Sierra Espuña Tourist Association in favor of sustainable development. The companies of the Region of Murcia are aligned with this sustainability, preserving the environment and reducing the impact of their activities, making the business fabric and the ECOS festival strengthen the ties and make a creative and respectful proposal.

«Companies and institutions are increasingly supporting cultural and social actions within their CSR and sustainability policies, and the ECOS Festival contributes to the promotion of sustainability in two ways: on the one hand, culture is carried as an instrument of expression and territorial development and, on the other hand, it is a support for the small municipalities that are the catalysts of the project”, emphasizes Longinos Marín, Vice-Rector for Social Responsibility and Culture at the University of Murcia, the organizing institution of the festival. “This festival has served the people of Espuña not only to revive the culture, but also to discover the heritage potential we have and which in many cases has yet to be discovered,” said Quico Sánchez, manager of the Commonwealth of Sierra Espuña, also organizer of ECOS. He emphasizes that in this sixth edition, the goal has been achieved to create a tourism product around the concerts, referring to the gastronomic experiences, cultural activities and weekend getaways “that have made it easier for festival visitors to stay in our peoples”.

The festival shares other values ​​with the companies that sponsor it, such as the projection of the territory. The Totanera Coato cooperative shows its commitment to supporting cultural events in the area. “We share a desire to promote the natural, historical and cultural heritage of our city and the region, and there is no better way to appreciate this heritage with an event like ECOS Festival,” said Antonio Costa, Acting President of Coato. “This festival gives access to music that, although ancient in origin, is new in its development and knowledge by the public,” he says.

From Totana to Alhama de Murcia and a renowned company: ElPozo Alimentación, which is linked to the festival by the land on which it is based. “We support those initiatives that are developed in the immediate vicinity and that improve the living conditions of the human team and its neighbors,” emphasizes José Ángel Cerón, Director of Communications and External Relations. “This festival is a very important source of cultural wealth and its impact is growing edition after edition,” he adds.

It also supports the Autocares Espuña festival, whose founder’s “dedication sought to promote rapprochement between populations, help equal opportunities and preserve the population and its inhabitants,” recall the sons and continuators of the company, Pedro and Antonio Andrew Pallares. Now the ECOS Festival brings culture from other parts of the world, with international ensembles promoting early music in the municipality. The company thus collaborates “with the celebration of a cultural event of extraordinary artistic and research value”.

Support for culture and sustainability are two values ​​that Iberchem represents and shares with the ECOS Festival. They also share terms, such as “notes” and “accords,” that connect the fragrance company to the festival. “Perfume and music in their creative process share the combination of notes to achieve the perfect melody or scent, which in turn awakens us emotions or recalls forgotten memories,” says Andrea Noguera, communication specialist Iberchem. “Most of our raw materials are natural, so by supporting a festival that promotes the value of nature, we feel very identified,” he concludes.

Grupo Sedauto facilitates the movement of the organization and artists with the contribution of Volvo and Mazda hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. In order to minimize the carbon footprint, they will measure it in terms of kilometers and will carry out specific reforestation so that the impact of the festival is neutral in this regard. “We are proud to partner with the ECOS Festival because it is very clear about its focus on sustainability and the environment, goals it shares with Volvo and Mazda,” says its manager, Raúl García. “The Festival is an example of how initiatives can be organized in which all aspects revolve around sustainability,” he concludes.

Source: La Verdad


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