Sakho, an employee of UCAM .’s inside game


The Congolese center says in its presentation: “I am a player who does what the coach asks of him”

“Help the team in any way you can” should be the first sentence in the players’ handbook when you are officially introduced as a member of your new team. It was also pronounced yesterday by Jordan Sakho (Kinsasa, 1997) in his first act in society as a new UCAM player, but in his case he does not hide that he belongs to an individualistic mind anymore.

And it is that Sakho, at the age of 25, has built a well-deserved reputation as an employee of and for the team in his five seasons of experience in the Endesa League, split between Manresa, Burgos and Lugo. Congolese, but with a locally trained player license since he finished his time in the lower categories in Torrelodones, he gives UCAM a depth in the ‘5’ position that they have not had in previous seasons as he will share a position with Pustovyi and Diop . «I see it well. The season is long and we are here to improve every day and have the best season possible.”

Sakho’s analysis of the competitiveness in his position goes through the double league, something he already did in the 2020-21 season with Burgos, winning two Champions Leagues. The first, in September a few months after the original celebration of the final phase was postponed due to the pandemic (and when Sakho was in Manresa). The second, eight months later. And an Intercontinental in between.

In short, muscular, defensive rigor and the absence of tactical mistakes in attack are what Alejandro Gómez and Sito Alonso look forward to most from their new player.

Source: La Verdad


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