The competition denies Espanyol’s allegations against Braithwaite


This Wednesday, the Competition Committee rejected the allegations presented by spanish of danish Braithwaite. According to the match referee’s report, the player was cautioned in the 68th minute for “carelessly using his arm against an opponent in a dispute for the ball.” The parakeet club alleged in its appeal the existence of a manifest material error. He maintains that the said player did not use a careless arm rather that both players jumped at the same time in the fight for the ball. He also said that this was shown thanks to the videographic evidence he provided in the file, which would allow the position of both arms of the player to be verified and “therefore the apparent material error influenced, always in the opinion of the alleging club, by the exaggeration and simulation of the rival player.”, This is stated in the appeal and in the writing of Committee.

The Committee appeals in the absence of a clear and obvious error and also understands that the evidence provided by spanish do not distort the minutes of the referee: “Only proof of an error of this kind can distort the assessment made by the referee and, consequently, the truth of what is recorded in the minutes. It is necessary in any case that it is a clear or patent error, regardless of any opinion, assessment, interpretation or legal qualification that may be made, circumstances not present in this case.

And he added that “this Committee Considering that the photos provided by the alleged club failed to prove the existence of an apparent material error. In other words: there is no clear evidence that the said player did not recklessly use his arm while jumping, which the claiming club denies. Repeated viewing of the photos, in other words, did not allow this Committee to conclude, without doubt, that the action did not take place as described by the referee and, ultimately, to prove the material error presented in the story. arbitral.

He dismissed the allegations and now the spanish may appeal to the Appeal

Source: La Verdad


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