Too much! Public transport prices for the Paris Games are out


Using public transport in Paris will not be cheap during the summer of 2024. The French transport authority, Valerie Pecresse, shared on social networks the dramatic increase in prices for Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Taking advantage of the large number of people hosting sporting events, season ticket rates in town will double in some cases from July 20 to September 8. According to French media, this new proposal comes at a time when transport in Paris is in a state of chaos.

The French authorities have announced that The goal is to raise 200 million euros of additional revenue. Because of this, the metro ticket price will double during the Olympic event.

The individual metro ticket, currently located at €2.10 is now worth €4. The train will be expensive €6. The weekly pass is one of the most criticized. From the current cost of €30, At the Olympic Games its price is €70. Also, the daily ticket will be worth it €16.

The exorbitant price has left a series of complaints and criticisms on social networks. Another of the steps published is ban on driving a car in nearby areas in celebrating events.

Paris is expected to host more than 10 million tourists during the Olympic and Paralympic Games and, for this, the price of transportation in the summer will increase significantly. Also the accommodation, because according to the report from the Paris Tourist Office, Hotel prices will increase up to 314%rising from €100-200 to €700-800 per night.

Source: La Verdad


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