Problems among hunters – drunkard meets colleagues: ‘Against code of honor’


In southern Styria, a drunken guest hunter from Tyrol shot a 24-year-old, seriously wounding him. Another debate immediately broke out about hunting and alcohol. That’s what state hunter master Franz Mayr-Melnhof says.

“Kron”: A drunken hunter shot and wounded another during a hunt – your opinion?
Franz Mayr-Melnhof: I’m disappointed and really angry. This is an accident that can be prevented. The shooter must bear the consequences and, in addition to the legal system of the republic, must also go before the disciplinary board.

Does that do anything? How many have been convicted of alcohol there?
That’s the thing: the incident is unfortunate, but we don’t have a major problem with alcohol. It is our code of honor not to associate this. And people stick to it too.

But the current case suggests otherwise.
But all other members of this hunt were also subjected to an alcohol test – and none were positive! (Note: According to police, only those responsible for the hunt and two regular shooters were tested; these were negative.)

Now the incident happened in St. Johann im Saggautal during a hunt. This form of hunting is controversial among many Styrians; for them today it is no longer justified. Is the current shooting accident a reason to reconsider the relevant regulations?
No, we need the hunt to carry out the shooting plans. It is better if there is commotion in the forest and there is peace, than if something is happening all the time.

In France, there are heavy fines if a fighter drinks. Wouldn’t high fines also be a solution for us to prevent such incidents?
A conviction can in any case result in a fine.

The problem is also control. Such a hunting party only checks itself.
Like I said, we have a code of honor.

Source: Krone


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