The BBVA Foundation rewards the protection of the territory of the lynx and the imperial eagle


The XVII Biodiversity Conservation Awards also honor Clemente Álvarez .’s journalism

Conservation of the Imperial Eagle, Iberian Lynx and Black Vulture in the Mediterranean Forest; protecting the snow leopard and mountain ecosystem of this endangered feline, in the great mountain ranges of Asia; and the accuracy and innovation in journalism of Clemente Álvarez, Head of Climate and Environment at ‘El País’, have been honored at the XVII BBVA Foundation Biodiversity Conservation Awards.

Actions in Spain recognizes the CBD-Hábitat Foundation for “its pioneering work in defense of the conservation of the Mediterranean forest and some of its most emblematic species, such as the Imperial Eagle, the Iberian Lynx and the Black Vulture”, as the jury record emphasized. .

In Actions in the World, the award was given to the International Snow Leopard Trust “for its outstanding work in preserving the last populations of the snow leopard, one of the most endangered species on Earth”, through an international collaborative project between the 12 Asian countries where the cat lives.

In Dissemination of Knowledge and Awareness, the prize rewards journalist Clemente Álvarez, currently in charge of the Climate and Environment section of ‘El País’, “for his distinctive contribution to information related to the environment through rigor, journalistic innovation and the creation of new spaces and narrative forms”.

For two decades, the BBVA Foundation Awards for the Conservation of Biodiversity have recognized actions to conserve nature, based on science and with an emphasis on broad-impact results.

The jury for this edition was chaired by Rafael Pardo, director of the BBVA Foundation, and included Araceli Acosta, a journalist specializing in the environment; Alberto Aguirre de Cárcer, editor-in-chief of LA VERDAD newspaper; Laia Alegret, professor of paleontology and researcher at IUCA, Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Zaragoza; Juan Carlos del Olmo, General Secretary of WWF Spain; José Luis Gallego, Head of the Environment Department of ‘El Confidencial’; Esteban Manrique Reol, Director of the Royal Botanical Garden, CSIC; Isabel Miranda, Environment editor in the Society section of ‘ABC’; Carlos Montes del Olmo, Director of the Laboratory of Socio-Ecosystems and Professor of Ecology at the Autonomous University of Madrid; Antonio Vercher, Prosecutor of the Coordination Chamber of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Environment and Urban Planning, Attorney General of the State; and Rafael Zardoya, director of the National Museum of Natural Sciences, CSIC. Laura Poderoso, deputy director of the BBVA Foundation, acted as secretary.

The awards bestowed by the BBVA Foundation form a mosaic that reflects how the global biodiversity crisis is a complex, multi-faceted problem requiring a wide variety of strategies at different scales and sustained commitment to make significant progress. The Performances in Spain and the World categories are endowed with 250,000 euros and the Diffusion category with 80,000 euros.

Source: La Verdad


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