My dearest mother is very concerned because she has heard rumors that one of her favorite game shows, the once eternal ‘Boom!’ is about to be terminated.

My exalted mother, my spiritual guru when it comes to navigating the stormy waters of multi-channel television, is deeply concerned because she has heard rumors that one of her favorite contests, the once-eternal “Boom!”, is about to end. in the hands of the professionalism and joy of Juanra Bonet, off-road presenter where they exist. My beloved mother cannot imagine the afternoons, fleeing from boredom, without this cathodic delicacy, but the reason for ceasing this pleasant activity is obvious: “There are no more smart people.”

His comment seems very apocalyptic, as clever as it is false, but if he gives us the chance to zap from grill to grill, maybe we should give him a reason. Looks like they sold us the smart TV so we miss the dumb box. Or vice versa. In the morning, in ‘Public Mirror’, they give a voice to a writer who has been accused more than once of going overboard with copy-paste. A few days ago, a newspaper withdrew one of his articles for blatantly shooting at the talent of others. But it doesn’t matter, there is the letter board occupying a space not given to real artists, listening to the sound of the cash register without explanation. For these payments, the impudence is rewarded with applause.

If we keep giving the remote, we could be hypnotized in prime time by Pablo Motos and his gang, who have become millionaires, according to the news in specialized media, presenting an interview program where there are no interviews, such as ‘La Resistencia’, the small brother for millennials. Virtue must not be removed from those who succeed, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, in deceiving the most ignorant. That’s the secret to success. Please let there be canned laughter.

Source: La Verdad


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