Ana Rosa Quintana: “The journalism bug hasn’t left me”


After 11 months off from breast cancer, the journalist has returned to Telecinco to thank the “immense affection” she has received from everyone.

“I told them we would see each other soon. For me, the truth, it’s been a little long, but I’m here, so good morning. With these touching words, Ana Rosa Quintana (Madrid, aged 66) opened a new edition of her program, after an 11-month absence due to breast cancer, he also acknowledged that he has an “eternal debt” for the “immense affection” he has received from everyone.

It was a heartfelt welcome program with sensitivity on the surface, in which the journalist not only interviewed opposition leader Alberto Núñez Feijó and right-hander José Ortega Cano -the headline “my sperm is strong” will remain for history- but it unraveled everything that happened. in these eleven months without television and made it clear that “the journalism bug has not left me”. After watching live television for four and a half hours, Quintana met dozens of journalists at the Mediaset studios in Fuencarral.

Source: La Verdad


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