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The visible faces of the PERTE ‘Economy of the Language’ and the ‘Valley of the Language’ plan present some projects that place Spanish as an engine of wealth

The morning session of ‘Future in Spanish’ concluded with a personal meeting between the General Director of the Commissioner for the New Economy of Language, Manuel González Bedia, and the Delegate for the Transformation Plan of La Rioja, José Ignacio Castresana. Both are facing the initiatives of the governments of Spain and Rioja with the national PERTE and Valle de la Lengua initiatives.

Two sides of the same coin, two projects linked thanks to the Global Spanish Observatory but above all thanks to the goal they pursue, which is to make nothing more than an economic engine of Spanish. “This is not a fad or a bubble. We are in the midst of an economic transformation and we cannot miss the boat, and initiatives such as Valle de la Lengua show this,” explains González Bedia, who presented the figure that the central government will invest in this. priority PERTE: €1.1 billion.

“Machines are going to be at the heart of the knowledge economy. We are at the dawn of a new industrial revolution and language is the raw material. Our goal is not to exhaust it and for that it is important that learning Spanish is developed, that it continues to be spoken and disseminated, but also that there is knowledge in Spanish,” Castresana analyzes.

Encouraging scientific creation in Spanish and developing scientific multilingualism (“no one can supplant English as the lingua franca,” González Bedia has been honest) are the watchwords.

Castresana gave the example of Dialnet, which has become the research repository of reference in Spanish, and what it should be in the future; the door of a global scientific community bringing both coasts of the ocean closer together and giving “maximum visibility” to the works of Spanish-language creators.

And this work doesn’t just correspond to the private or public sector, but rather “hybridization” has to take place. “The future we glimpse is public-private relationships,” emphasized González Bedia.

Source: La Verdad


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