“Patient safety law should already be a reality”


Jose Antonio Blaya. Secretary General of Satse Murcia

Acting from the root is one of the ways Satse Murcia aims to prevent health problems related to environmental causes and pollutants. Because educating and raising awareness among the child population in the transmission of sustainable values, through the numbers of nurses and physiotherapists, would help reduce preventable diseases and deaths. This action is part of projects such as the LA TRUTH school competition, ‘Esto es verde’, in which the union participates. “Ensuring the health of the population is one of our fundamental objectives,” added José Antonio Blaya, General Secretary of Satse Murcia.

Why does Satse act as a lever in the transfer of sustainable values ​​to the student population?

-As nurses, ensuring the health of the population is a fundamental objective. Acting by educating and raising awareness of the transmission of sustainable values ​​in the child population is to prevent problems that deteriorate health, avoid diseases and deaths caused by preventable environmental causes and contaminants, which exist in our current environment and can worsen during time. . From Satse, we underline the commitment of nurses and physiotherapists to act as health professionals to demand urgent action and work to promote a healthy and safe environment, and this is being achieved through greater care and preservation of the planet.

How does it affect the health of schoolchildren in particular and the population in general to exhibit sustainable behaviour?

-This is where the figure of the school nurse takes on special importance, which needs to be fully consolidated as it is a fundamental link to ensure that educational centers are healthier, safer and generate lifestyles that will promote a better future for the new generations. In addition to assisting and caring for students where needed, nurses can do important training, education and awareness work to ensure that children and young people adopt healthy lifestyle habits that keep them away from things such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs. , or to prevent health problems, such as obesity.

What actions is Satse developing to meet the third SDG (Health and Well-being)?

-At the state level, we demand the adoption of the Patient Safety Act, which should already be a reality after reaching nearly 700,000 signatures of support from citizens and professionals in 2018, in addition to the support of associations of patients, users and consumers, personalities and nursing organizations around the world, participating in the Congress of Deputies in December 2019. The adoption of this law is essential to avoid the risks, complications, side effects, readmissions and even deaths caused by the excessive allocation of patients for each nurse, as still happens in our country. In Murcia, there are up to 25 patients for each hospital professional, up to 2,500 people assigned to a nurse in health centers and up to 200 elderly people in social health centers, despite the repeated warnings of numerous national and international scientific studies that conclude: for example, that the lack of these professionals in the centers increases the risk of death by 13%. The investment required for its application is estimated at EUR 50-60 per inhabitant per year. For every euro invested, more than 1.6 euros is earned back directly and indirectly (adverse effects, insufficient stays and other concepts).

Are you working towards achieving other SDGs closely related to your activity?

-The Union not only fights for the health and well-being of its citizens, but also works closely together to achieve other sustainable development goals, such as quality education, equality policies, affordable and non-polluting energy, and to promote responsible consumption. promote.

What is the nursing contribution to the sustainability of the healthcare system based on?

-From the Nursing Union Satse Murcia we emphasize the importance of valuing more health promotion and disease prevention as ways to cut costs in a ‘saturated’ health system. And it’s that being sick, besides being uncomfortable, unpleasant and sad, is expensive. A sick person goes to the doctor more often, takes more medication or needs more sick leave. For example, according to recent reports, obesity in Spain represents 9.7% of health expenditure and reduces GDP by 2.9%. Satse argues that the work of nurses in health promotion and disease prevention should be a priority for our leaders before they are forced to devote most of their resources to curing disease.

What measures do you request to ensure that your professional and work development proceed adequately and thereby improve care?

-The strategic objectives of the organization are to achieve the adoption of a regulation that gives nurses access to early retirement on a voluntary basis, as they not only address the problems of continuing to work in particularly difficult and harsh conditions, but also would improve the care for citizens and patients and the functioning of our health system. Likewise, the Nursing Union is demanding that the government end the unjust discrimination of nurses and physical therapists against other professionals, and allow their classification into Group A with no subgroups.

What are the main complaints reported by nurses?

-The trade union organization is also making efforts to end the serious temporary problem of nurses and physiotherapists in our country. For this reason, Satse Murcia is pushing to consolidate the templates, which have been promised for more than eight years and this will require more than 4,200 additional professionals. All this in addition to claiming the compensation and professional recognition they deserve for their work activity, as well as the end of the aggression they are victims of in their workplace.

What do they claim from the regional and/or national health system?

-The Union is pushing for the resolution of historical demands such as the pending OPE, open and permanent transfer competitions, the consolidation of templates, as well as level 22 for specialists. For Satse, there is also no justification that, after the commitment, on several occasions, by the Ministry of Health to realize the nursing prescription, we continue with the delays. Likewise, we request the real homologation of the salaries of the health personnel of the CARM that of the Murcian Health Service (SMS), and a new management model for social and health centers. The Nursing Union also requires a Nursing directive structure in the management of the VMS.

Source: La Verdad


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