Rigoberta Bandini takes a fan on stage at her concert in Murcia to sing “happy birthday”.


The artist fulfills the wish of María, an assistant of the arena

Rigoberta Bandini’s fans were looking forward to her return to Murcia. The author of hits like ‘Ay mamá’, ‘Too many drugs’ or ‘Perra’ performed a few months ago at the last edition of Warm Up, but this Saturday she returned to present ‘La empressa’, her long-awaited first album . You couldn’t miss the appointment, as evidenced by the thousands of fans who sold out the tickets and packed the arena. For one of them, the concert was of course more special.

María, one of the girls present, carried a sign that read, “May I sing?” Wish fulfilled. Rigoberta Bandini took her on stage and let her choose a theme to cover together. The guest suggested that of ‘Trolls’, a film dubbed by the Catalan artist, although she warned that she did not remember the lyrics. Finally, from the ‘Empress’ team, they reminded her that Toño, one of the members, had run out of ‘happy birthday’, the option the two sang at the end, a moment María will never forget.

Source: La Verdad


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