The I Wine and Wine Tourism Fair is about to start


The gastronomic critic Pachi Larrosa was the godfather of this edition and showed his commitment so that all restaurants in the region offer wines from the three DOPs

An important challenge for Jumilla is the event that started yesterday and will last all weekend. It is the I Wine and Wine Tourism Fair that the City Council, the Jumilla Wine Route, the Federation of Harvest Festival Peñas and the DOP Jumilla Regulatory Council have joined. Together they will develop a program with more than 20 activities, including days of wine tasting, gastronomic demonstrations, concerts, guided tours and children’s activities, with the aim of conveying the best image of Jumilla to the thousands of Jumillanos and visitors who hope to pass this fair, whose epicenter is the city’s Mercado de Abastos.

In addition, a total of 22 wineries offer their wines, along with eight establishments on the Wine Route that showcase their dishes and products.

The fair started yesterday afternoon with a tasting of the white varieties of the DOP Jumilla, followed by the official inauguration by the sponsor of the event, Pachi Larrosa, and the authorities present, including the president of the DOP, Silvano Garcia; the mayor of Jumilla, Juana Guardiola; the Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Luengo; the president of the wine route, José Arturo Castellanos, and the president of the Federation of Peñas, together with the senior and child grape harvesters and the senior winemakers.

Pachi Larrosa emphasized the many advantages that Jumilla offers, in addition to the well-known and internationally recognized wines of this DOP, the gastronomy that unites tradition and modernity, and showed his dedication to this land, in addition to his work so that all restaurants in the Murcia region always offer a wine from Jumila, Yecla or Bullas as their first choice.

Mayor Juana Guardiola did not hide her joy and satisfaction “for realizing a dream that Jumilla deserved, and it was to hold an event like this around wine, which is the largest of its kind in the whole region.”

Then, after the authorities had visited all participating stands, a tasting of harmony between cheeses and wines of this designation of origin took place. The day ended with a concert by Antonio Micol.

Today Saturday, a tasting of Jumillano gazpacho led by Casa Sebastián, a performance by the Francisco Salzillo choral and dance group and a tour of the old town of Jumilla ‘Cultural City of the Year in the Region of Murcia’ are central. In the afternoon there is a tasting of the Monastrell and another of the Jumilla reds. The day ends with a session by DJ Will and Friends and a dance session with Los Carrá DJ.

There will also be a guided tour on Sunday and there will be a ‘show cooking’ in the afternoon, concluded with a concert by the group Crimson. In addition, this I Wine and Wine Tourism Fair coincides with the last weekend of the Gastronomic Days, where bars and restaurants offer special menus.

Source: La Verdad


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