“Competition between parades is healthy and keeps culture alive”


Return to Telecinco afternoons with ’25 words’, a competition in which two celebrities help an anonymous contestant earn money

Two teams consisting of an anonymous contestant and two celebrities each enter a competition where they play with clues to find words in a limited amount of time. The winner reaches a final test to win the jackpot of collected money that starts with 250,000 euros; and for the first time an ‘intruder’ who participates via ‘Skype’ from home, who can gradually take that money away. This is the format of ’25 words’, the new competition for Telecinco afternoons (7 p.m.), which marks the return of Christian Gálvez (42 years old, Móstoles, Madrid) to the comic in which he triumphed for years with ‘Password’. Now he faces a new challenge, which also claims to be “a tribute to the Spanish language.”

– Do you think we are entering a golden phase of television competitions?

-There have always been competitions on all channels and they never go out of style. It is a format that can survive the new usage on platforms. We generate a kind of content that mixes culture and entertainment, that people like to play from home and that is also part of the conversation after dinner.

-He returns to the Telecinco afternoons after trying his luck with ‘Alta tensión’, although that stage did not last long. How do you feel about going back to the same strip?

-It is true that we did ‘High Voltage’, and now we have moved to this format in which we have poured a lot of hope, energy and enthusiasm. It will take as long as it takes. We cross our fingers and hope we can keep it up for a long time and grab the public’s attention. TV lives, and more on Mediaset. Moreover, they put us where they put us, we are going to fight with great enthusiasm.

-What is the greatest asset of ’25 words’?

-We restore the essence of the game with words. It is not necessary to have a lot of culture, but culture does pay for itself. It is a competition in which ingenuity, speed, mental agility and a sense of humor are essential. And moreover, it is a tribute to the Spanish language. From home, the spectators compete with the participants to get the 5,000 euros a day that accumulates in the jackpot.

– Did you miss such a match?

-During the pandemic, Mediaset and the production company (Fénix Audiovisual) created ‘Qarenta’, a competition through which we learned a lot and adapted some concepts to ’25 words’. What I always miss is work. I like to combine culture and entertainment. After the pandemic, we didn’t stop inspecting the international scene to see what formats we could do in the production company, while also trying to generate our own programs.

-The original match lasts 25 minutes, what was it like to adapt it to a duration of 50 minutes?

-It was a challenge to take a 25 minute format and stretch it for grilling needs. We achieved it after much testing of the match. During the pilot programs, we kept all the mechanics and spirit of the original format. There is a very good atmosphere between the famous guests and the participants, and that is very good.

-How is your relationship with other match presenters?

-Good. The only one I didn’t know was Ion Aramendi, who was in a special on ‘High Voltage’ one day, who also won, and now in the joint promo we did, he surprised me because he’s a nice guy and very generous. With the same match. Ultimately, we all participate in this. The competition between games is healthy because we feed each other and keep the culture alive, which is necessary.

-Paolo Vasile leaves after 23 years at the helm of Mediaset. Do you remember any advice he gave you?

-If I have anything to thank Paolo for, it’s that during the entire time I’ve been working at Mediaset, which is a long time, he never told me how to do things, but instead let me be myself. I only have words of gratitude because he has let me be me and that is complicated.

-In addition to being a presenter, he is also a producer. How do you see the future of television?

-What I’ve learned over the years on television is that things are cyclical. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. A few years ago I lectured on the keys to success, but now I lecture them on how to accept failures and how they can help you improve. What I like about Mediaset is that it’s a live TV, live, but it’s true that there’s an audience that prefers on-demand consumption. TV is there to entertain, to disseminate and to inform, and that’s what I want to do.

-What do you ask of 2023?

-I ask that ’25 words’ is a long time to get a board game out (laughs). And being able to do something special next Christmas with the little ones, I love that.

Source: La Verdad


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