‘Belfast’ gets a one-star review after man didn’t realize it was meant to be black and white


Good Hill in Belfast, scheduled for release in theaters in November

Kenneth Brana Belfast may have received as many as seven incredible Academy Award nominations, but the film’s broad success didn’t stop some people from expressing their disgust.

In particular, one of the Belfast auditors It turns out that the movie got kissed for a totally unique reason.

Among the one-star Google reviews, a man named Daniel Terry left a review stating that he did not understand that the movie was supposed to be shown in black and white and that from the first moment he considered it a glitch. .

He said he left the show 10 minutes later and looked at the movie on the phone in the parking lot.

After realizing that Belfast was intentionally filmed in black and white, he was told he could not return to the cinema without purchasing an extra ticket, leading him to press for a one-star review.

The full review reads with 1 star:

“I went to the cinema, in Belfast, but 10 minutes later I left and realized there was a glitch because the movie was in B&W, and after checking my cell in the parking lot I realized it was intended but they wouldn’t let me in without a ticket!”

Inspired by Sir Kenneth’s childhood in Northern Ireland, Belfast was considered an Academy Award favourite when it premiered at film festivals last year and lived up to expectations.

The film received a total of seven nominations: Best Supporting Actor (Judi Dench), Best Sound, Best Original Screenplay (Kenneth Branagh), Best Supporting Actor (Karan Hinds), Best Song (Van Morrison’s Down To Joy), Best Director (Kenneth) Branagh). Bestseller and Best Picture Oscar.

Among the film’s successes, Kenneth Branagh broke a new Oscar record personally. He is the first person to receive seven nominations in seven different categories during his career.

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Source: Belfastlive


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