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Come Dancing favorite Bill Bailey has announced that he will be bringing his new live show to Belfast in 2022.

The comedian, who will be appearing on this year’s BBC Dance Show, will make his new live show en route to normal at SSE Arena in Belfast on January 15, 2022.

This announcement comes after a forced break due to a global pandemic.

In Bell’s new show, think about the questions raised by this historical moment and try to find a way into the strange reality of our new world.

Bailey revisits the messy moments in history, searching for parallels in which resistance and human resilience have brought us into conflict.

She recounts her own experiences with solitude, including thoughts of “Invisible Voices”. This has led to an increased appreciation for the sounds of birds, and nature music in general has inspired many great composers throughout history and may even lead to the creation of the music itself. Our addiction to technology inspired Billy himself to create dance remixes for video ringtones.

Through music, songs, and memories, Billy discusses our changing priorities, the wonders of dogs, and how nonsense can stop you on the road and resonate with his newfound love of the blues.

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On the show, whose title Bill wrote before learning about COVID, the street became a habit of not only a fun and honest mix of stories, music, and history, but also a personal mission to find our way through this strange time.

Tickets go on sale Friday, December 11th at 9pm.

Source: Belfastlive


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