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Art. Students from Mazarrón recreate the most famous works of the painter Domingo Valdivieso on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his death

The painting by Domingo Valdivieso (Mazarrón, 1830-Madrid, 1872) comes to life in his hometown. Second-year high school students at the institution that bears the artist’s name have recreated his work to capture it in photographs in an activity that serves as a tribute to the painter, whose 150th anniversary of his death was celebrated last November. The creative project of the students of the Audiovisual Culture course includes seven productions, including the author’s most famous paintings from Mazarrón such as ‘Cristo recumbent’, ‘Luna de miel’ and ‘El descentimiento’. The result can be seen in the learning center within the programming of the patron saint of Santo Tomás de Aquino.

Coordinated by Elena Marín, an art teacher and promoter of the idea, the students not only delved into Valdivieso’s production and its historical context, but also about composition and lighting techniques. They also provided the props and costumes themselves. And they have not lacked imagination when it comes to making some of the clothes, which in some cases use garbage bags. The students, who were able to choose the painting they would slip into, left “delighted” with a “super cool” experience and know much more about such an illustrious compatriot, not even featured in some textbooks. Ana Vera, who stars in ‘Penitent Magdalena’, is struck by the artist’s “mastery of color”, while Nerea Méndez, who gives life to “Luna de miel” with Francisco Raja, emphasizes his mastery “at that moment to “It is a pity that he is such a little-known painter”, he complains. The art teacher also thinks that the artist from Mazarrón “does not have the relevance that he deserves”.

Along with Germán Hernández Amores, Rafael Tegeo and Luis Ruipérez, Valdivieso, who made his living as a portrait painter and lithographer, is one of the leaders of 19th-century painting in the Murcia region. Trained in Madrid, Rome and Paris, his work can be found in private collections and in several museums, including the Prado. However, his early death ended a career that promised to be brilliant and his name did not reach the well-deserved fame of other colleagues. It rests in a niche without a tombstone in the Sacramental de Santa María, in Madrid’s Carabanchel district.

The work of the Audiovisual Culture students will contribute to the dissemination of the painter’s work in the educational community itself, but the educational center wants to go further. The director of the institute, Daniel Díaz, announces the creation of a school painting competition to “pay tribute to the artist, appreciate Mazarrón’s heritage and encourage creativity”. They have the cooperation of the parents’ association and the town hall. In this first edition, only for high school students, the award ceremony will take place in May, but future calls will coincide with the painter’s death anniversary. Teresa Cifuentes, coordinator of extracurricular activities, points out that the goal is to expand the competition to primary school students. It will be like planting the seed so that the name of Valdivieso will remain in the memory of his people.

Source: La Verdad


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