Enrique Rubio signs copies of ‘Escape’ at the Casa del Libro . today


The novelist Enrique Rubio (“I have a gun”, “I regret tomorrow” and “Tania with i”) signs copies of his latest novel “Escape” (The Sphere of Books). “Enrique Rubio writes like you don’t write and thinks like you don’t think, that’s what real writers do. ‘Escape’ looks like nothing (bravo) and bursts out of every corset,” confirms Rodrigo Cortés, film director and author of ‘The Extraordinary Years’, who recently presented the work in Madrid.

Rubio won the CreaJoven de Murcia, in the narrative modality, in 2006, and in 2007 he won the first prize in the IV University Short Story Contest: Young Talents Booket-Cultural Area with the story ‘I have a pistol’, which he changed in novel with praise from Lorenzo Silva, Juan Manuel de Prada and José Ángel Mañas.

Source: La Verdad


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