Carmen Posadas presents ‘License to spy’ today in San Pedro del Pinatar


Her latest novel focuses on the fascinating and unknown story of women throughout history

The House of Culture of San Pedro del Pinatar is organizing this afternoon at 8 pm the presentation of the book ‘License to spy’ (Espasa) by Carmen Posadas, in the presence of the author and journalist Alexia Salas.

In her latest novel, the author focuses on the fascinating and unknown history of women who have engaged in espionage throughout history and since the dawn of time. The biblical Rahab, the Galician minstrel Balteira, Catalina de Médicis, Mata-Hari and Caridad Mercader are some of the names that appear in this story.

The event, which was initially to be held at the Barón de Benifayó Museum, has changed venues due to the large number of reservations to attend the event, which is part of the ‘Author Meetings at the Museum’ cycle.

Source: La Verdad


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