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One of the weak points of Ferrari last year this was the strategy. He’s not the only one 2022 full of mistakes. The pit stops failed, but more importantly the evolution of the car failed compared to the progress it made red bull during the year, as well as engine reliability. Ferrari I have a lot of homework for this year. He focused on many of them, such as a long-awaited major improvement in engine reliability, and they focused on improving its high wear and straight-line drag. But they also need to change things in the organization. Frederic Vasseur came before the group that took over Mattia Binotto, but said that he still needs to study everything from the inside and get to know the team, that it is too early for any big changes. And in fact, the change in approach that took place before the start of the course was something that Mattia Binotto had planned.

This is about the Spanish position Inaki Rueda, who will now stop being on the Ferrari wall to play a strategist role from the factory. According to ‘Motorsport’, Ravin Jainwho until now is a strategy engineer from the Maranello headquarters, will replace him on that pit wall.

This change responds to requests from a large part of the fans and the Italian press for changes in one of the weakest points of the team, such as the strategy. However, in January, Vasseur already explained that in many cases the failures of the strategy do not lie with a person but with the work processes and the organization, something that he needs to examine.

“Regarding strategy, many times when we talk about strategies or strategists, we only see the visible part of the iceberg, the tip, and many times it’s a matter of communication, how the wall communication and we are in the process of seeing everything that we need to make some improvements”he commented here when he was only two weeks in office.

“We have to avoid being focused on the end of the pyramid. Usually when you talk about strategy you’re referring to the person on the wall, but you have to try to understand what’s going on and understand the mistakes and understand if it’s a matter of the decisions, the organization, of communication… many times, mistakes are due to communication problems and the number of people in them, and more than an individual mistake, it is because too many people are arguing about the same things and when you finish, the car is next. lap … We need to have clear and continuous communication between the right people, placed in the right positions, of course, but the work is done.”he added about it.

This time, Vasseur carried out something he had already decided Mattia Binottoshows the continuity of Vasseur’s management, who is now at the helm of a team with a car and engine that is purely the result of Mattia’s work last year.

Source: La Verdad


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