Laura Pausini against the clock


The Italian artist is doing something “crazy”, offering three concerts in 24 hours in New York, Madrid and Milan, to celebrate her 30th anniversary in the music industry

With the public all the way ahead, but time against. For example, Laura Pausini (Faenza, 48 years old) appeared yesterday at three o’clock in the afternoon at The Music Station, the concert hall next to the Príncipe Pío station in Madrid. Given the dedication and strength the Italian showed on stage, it seemed impossible that fifteen hours earlier she had sung songs like “Se fue” at the Apolo Theater in New York and that eight hours later described this “marathon of music” as herself, at the Carcano Theater in Milan. “Am I or am I not the craziest singer?” she asked her enthusiastic followers, who unanimously confirmed with “yes”.

Because to celebrate her 30th birthday in the music industry, the Italian has come up with an idea as insane as it is stimulating: visit three cities on two different continents and interpret some of her most emblematic songs chronologically, dedicating a decade to each of them . city, other than its successes. And all that, within 24 hours, «to return the love you gave me all these years. I want to give you goosebumps!” he encouraged. The selected date had its reason for being. On February 27, 1993 he won the Sanremo Festival in the new artists category with ‘La soledad’.

The singer did not hide that the time seemed strange. “It’s the first time we see each other in the afternoon. It seems strange, but I like strange things very much,” Pausini noted after “I will return with you,” the first song in a repertoire of ten songs that ended with an aperitif of a new piece, “A good beginning.” , of which, advanced, we will hear something else “in a few weeks”.

Flanked by five musicians (drums, percussion, guitar, bass and piano) and two chorus girls, all in black, Pausini, wearing a black two-piece suit and clutching a gold microphone stand, became the master of ceremonies of his own birthday. , which made him remember songs in Madrid between 2001 and 2009 and up to five languages. Songs like “If We Had Loved Each Other,” “I Sing,” or “Anticipated Spring” played.

During the almost exact hour that the recital lasted, the singer was very close to her audience, with whom she even made conversations and jokes. “I eat your face!” someone yelled at him. “That’s exactly what I wanted to tell you,” she answered, amused. Pausini praised the limited size of the fence that allowed him to see everyone. “That’s cool. I feel like making love,” he provoked, as the honorable roared and laughed aloud.

He also shared how success, traveling the world and learning languages ​​had taught him to be free – “our mind is like a parachute, it only works if you open it,” he even said – he revealed in Spain that he feels “freer” than in Italy “because there I’m more afraid of making mistakes”, and there was even time for hilarious “failures” in his almost perfect Spanish: he told a boy that he followed him from the “wedge”, in instead of the crib, while another time she said she was thirsty like a “camel”, instead of a camel. It was a magical date that he turned down with a “Make love nights!”, which he commanded at the top of his lungs. And there was another concert, but that’s another story.

Source: La Verdad


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