The San Javier International Jazz Festival is expanding its international program with street music


The cultural event, which is celebrating its 24th edition, will be dedicated to guitar and piano in this edition

The Autonomous Community, through the Ministry of the Presidency, Tourism, Culture and Sports, funds and promotes the XXIV edition of the San Javier International Jazz Festival, according to sources from the Autonomous Administration in a statement. The cultural event, which will take place in the first three weeks of July, will focus on guitar and piano in this edition.

In addition to his international calling, he will continue to focus on Spanish and European music, in a program with the presence of North American musicians such as guitarist Steve Vai; the Vintage Trouble band, who will be playing in the region for the first time; guitarists Peter Bernstein and Mark Whitfield, along with pianist Emmet Cohen; and the Terrel Stafford and Bruce Barth Trio, featuring Sara Dowling as guest artist.

The new edition, which has been presented, has novelties such as parallel activities, with more music on the street. The festival brings free concerts to La Manga del Mar Menor, Santiago de la Ribera and downtown San Javier, in addition to filling the city’s gardens with music, featuring the San Javier Conservatory of Music and local artists, such as the singer Dora Helen.

The General Director of the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts ICA, Manuel Cebrián, emphasized in the presentation that «San Javier is one of the cultural municipalities of the region, which has made it its flag and one of its main tourist attractions”. In addition, he noted that “the offer includes essential cultural events such as the Theater, Music and Dance Festival, the International Jazz Festival, the International Folklore Festival, collaboration in the EXE Exhibition Spaces Plan of the Autonomous Community and its municipal museums » .

Finally, Cebrián indicated that “we will partner with them in this work to advance culture for its citizens, seen as an engine of change, revitalization and social transformation.”

Source: La Verdad


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