Murcian Yannick and his “three voices” stay with the best of ‘Masterchef’ for another week


The applicant said in the latest program that he had received derogatory comments about his bell when he was young

The last program of ‘Masterchef’ had all the ingredients of the popular television and culinary ‘show’: confessions, laughter, friction and surprises. The main ones arrived already in the first test, with a bittersweet taste. The best candidates would receive the coveted immunity pin, while the one who performed the worst dish with the basket of mythical foods from the program presented to them would be eliminated. This bad drink was for Iván, who saw that his teammates had done better.

During the test, while everyone was focused on cooking, Yannick from Murcia confessed to some of his childhood experiences. When he was young, he got all kinds of derogatory comments because of his high-pitched voice: “A lot of times they would say to me ‘you’re having a girl time, are you a boy or a girl?'” he said. Despite the comments -or perhaps because of them- Yannick came out stronger and made his voice his working instrument, as he sings at children’s parties and events for the elderly.

But his vocal ability also goes through variation, as the Murcian surprised the jury and his companions by revealing the “three personalities” that populate him: on the one hand the well-known Yannick, but also Diane, in tribute to his grandmother who makes glitter in the mode “full ‘gay’ flag, and Héctor, referring to his grandfather and used when he was angry: his most notable feature is a much deeper voice.

The next challenge for the participants was an outdoor test led by two chefs who gave the orders in their native language: Arabic and Afrikaans. An apparent madness that could have been total chaos in the kitchens, but ended up working remarkably well and yielding a number of dishes that received the praise of the diners and the judges. During the test, there was no lack of friction and tension in the blue team: Veronica and Claudia got into an argument, in which Yannick was also involved. Before the attentive look and the orders of the first, the second reproached him for “he is in everything”, after warning the Murcian several times that the almonds were burning.

Despite the fights, thanks to the good work in general, neither team went straight to the elimination test, but the judges hand-picked the contestants who had performed worse. Yannick, one of the best, went straight to the gallery to watch the test from the safety of staying in the kitchens for another week. The bad luck was for Paula, who was the second excluded from the fourth program of the edition. The Murcian continues to leave good feelings for his good dishes, although in the preview of the next program he is seen on the tightrope as one of the possible expelled. Will he be able to save himself and continue in ‘Masterchef’ like Yannick, Diane or Héctor?

Source: La Verdad


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