‘The world of yesterday’: everything is allowed in politics?


Léa Drucker, Denis Podalydès and Benjamin Biolay star in a drama that reflects the ins and outs of politics, very close to the present

The panic about the growth of the far right in Europe -and the world-, especially in France, as we have seen these days, is infused with the germ of ‘The world of yesterday’, a political drama of French nationality that connects with the present . from pessimism, to the point of causing chills in some sequences. The neighboring president finds himself against a rock and hard spot just as she plans to give up her career, already tired, more than willing to hand over the baton to her successor, handpicked. Ahead of the upcoming election, he faces an unforeseen scandal that puts the designated heir to shame.

The blunder is of such magnitude that the forthcoming elections could unceremoniously give the neo-fascist candidate the victory. A severe setback, just around the corner, which can be avoided against the clock, in just three days, very little time to put down a pitcher of cold water that could forever affect the country’s history. There are several strategies on the table to avert the fiasco in record time, but getting on your feet is not easy. Not easy.

The French filmmaker Diastème (‘French blood’), who uses it to sign his films – in Spanish diastema is the striking gap between the teeth, preferably the palettes, which certain individuals wear – is responsible for the direction and the script, departing from an autobiographical book by Austrian writer and activist Stefan Zweig (‘Yesterday’s World: Memoirs of a European’). For the elaboration of the script, the director and screenwriter had the cooperation of renowned investigative journalists, scientists in the field, such as Fabrice Lhomme or Gérard Davet.

The film explores the terror of the expansion of the far right in France, a virus that seems to have no limit when it comes to infecting voters. A reflection of the political lack of control that surrounds us, ‘The World of Yesterday’ has a well-prepared main cast: Léa Drucker (‘Shared Custody’), Denis Podalydès (‘The Loves of Anaïs’), Alban Lenoir (‘The Lost Bullet”) and Benjamin Biolay (“The Appearances”).

‘Yesterday’s world’ depicts the decline of power, which people crave. A country’s potentially tragic fate rests in the hands of a small group of politicians and advisers who must cover up something obscure so that something wouldn’t overshadow them, but spark a curious moral debate. Ethics in the trigger. The dialogues and the leading performances support a political film well that visits the billboard at the ideal moment to reflect on the political events that dominate the major media.

Source: La Verdad


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