“It has rained a lot, but the reservoirs are still at half their reserves”


The host, an expert in meteorology, premieres ‘Mundo Brasero’ on Antena 3, a new Sunday afternoon magazine

From the weather forecast to an informative magazine on Sunday afternoon. The journalist Roberto Brasero (Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, aged 51) is in charge of “Mundo Brasero”, a new format that Antena 3 will premiere this afternoon at 7:40 PM, where there will be no shortage of time devoted to the environment, health or consumption. The presenter is joined on set by collaborators such as Jalis de la Serna, Adriana Abenia and Flipy. Brasero joined the Atresmedia channel in 2005 to provide weather information, a task he will continue to perform on a daily basis.

-With ‘Mundo Brasero’ he takes a step further in his career.

-It is a magazine in which we will deal with issues of environment, nature and health and we will travel through Spain to see the natural treasures we have and also those new technologies that are being developed in our country outside Madrid. It seems unimaginable how rich an emptied Spain can be and how full of stories it is.

– Do you think television should come more from Madrid and get to know empty and rural Spain?

-With the development of new technologies, we no longer have to look for stories, because they come to you. It enriches us, it lowers costs, you can reach many places and it speeds up being present at meteorological phenomena. That shouldn’t preclude visiting the sites. Travel with a media perspective and discover that wealth and tradition that exists in our country. You have to go to empty Spain more. I will always defend him in the first person.

– ‘Mundo Brasero’ becomes topical?

-This slot that we are going to occupy on Antena 3 arose from some specials we did with the La Palma volcano and ‘Antena Abierta’ came from those spaces, because news was generated and that program was needed to make it to tell. The weekends are, or were, less informative, as the news jumps at any moment. I believe we need to be open to what can happen with a new look that employees can offer. The themes are there, but if we approach it in a different way, we can offer that part that is always new in life, in general, and in a television program.

-Have you noticed a greater public interest in climate change?

There’s been an evolution that makes sense, if you think about it. Five years ago it was time to raise awareness, all the alarms went off and the messages were even more alarming. Scientists told us we didn’t have a very comfortable future for the human species. I believe we’ve already overcome that phase and now we’re in how we face it, and that’s where the media is again. And I think that deserves a TV show. There is now more interest. Rather than raise their hands to their heads, people are reopening their eyes to see what the future we face may look like.

-He presented ‘Public Mirror’ during Susanna Griso’s Easter break. How was your experience with political information?

-Fortunately, ‘Public Mirror’ is a very well developed and well developed program, with a fantastic team. Political information is one of the hardest foods to digest and for me they have created a fairly boring diet to deal with. The results are very satisfactory. In short, as a presenter of a program you have to drive, give priority to one thing over the other, and little else. I’ve found that political news is a little more difficult for me, but it’s information, and you deal with it like everyone else. Ultimately, you inform yourself, you know the subject and you tell it to the audience in an understandable way.

-The spring rains allowed us to take a break from the drought?

-You never have to be wary of our climate. Now it has rained a lot, you see puddles in the streets and you immediately let your guard down, and you don’t have to. Although it has rained a lot, the reservoirs are still at 50% of their capacity. We are at half the reserves in many areas of Spain, even below that.

Source: La Verdad


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