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From rock and opera. Wah, a Las Vegas-style musical and gastronomic show, triumphs in Madrid with an immersive experience never before seen in Spain

Abba, Bee Gees, A-ha sounds, “all the music that marked a before and after,” says Mimi, actress and model, who works as a hostess in the musical Wah, the most groundbreaking show of recent times that lifted the curtain on the Ifema location in Madrid at the end of 2021 and that word of mouth has made its best claim. Before the show there is food and clubbing atmosphere, although without the real sleaze of the street. Stiff and sexless actors dressed in white move here and there, with a style somewhere between ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Anonimus’. They have their opponent in others wearing black and makeup with a Mad Max aesthetic. Among the customers, identified with a bracelet according to the type of ticket purchased -between 34 and 118 euros, drinking separately-, an attempt is made to infiltrate the plot: those in white have banned music and Wah resistance, those in the dark , days out of them.

Hence the name of this nightlife including a restaurant, theater and disco. A musical and gastronomic show, in the purest style of Las Vegas and Broadway, that invites you to an immersive and festive experience never seen before in Spain.

When the musical starts, in an amphitheater that adjusts to its capacity every night and has a 50-meter LED screen, the Beatles, Michael Jackson or movie themes such as Rocky come into play. Live music carries the stage weight. A score of instrumentalists and singers playing all styles with professionalism and well matched after 150 performances behind them. “The gear is greased,” says Gorka Arranz, Head of Make-up. Much of popular music proceeds through its chords.

Some 500 people fill the stands clapping. “We are a family and the magic is in the energy we have,” said Charo Martín, Experience Director of this show that the Music Has No Limits company inaugurated in October. His wardrobe is handmade and supervised by Jordi Dalmau. “What I like the most is classical ballet with a maso touch,” says the couturier.

After a passage of flamenco and opera, which is wildly acclaimed, the rock returns, with ACDC or Lenny Kravitz. The finale is assembled with ‘Satisfaction’ by the Rolling Stones, as the basis for a medley that sometimes contains only eight bars of another song. After the dance, the couples hug and kiss. Wah employees encourage a return to the club. The evening will end at one o’clock. “They’re doing well,” summarizes Jimmy, a taxi driver who serves as a barometer of success.

Source: La Verdad


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