Rafaelillo prevails over the Cuadri bulls in Osuna


He ran an ear and the president stole a well-deserved big door

The fairground bullfight in Osuna in May announced a torista bullfight, by Cuadri, which had the presence of a first-class arena and demanded the bullfighters. First of all, a bull from Cinqueño jumped into the ring, very serious and smart, which Rafaelillo understood perfectly. Professional and brave, the Murcian withstood the many complications that his fate had. He lost his first steps when he should have and always attacked downstairs. In addition, he killed with a precise punch. Both ears were strongly demanded and the president mistakenly gave only one and stole another from the room. This was another broad bull, very tall, which Rafael fought very well as a cape, throwing out the wings and finishing with a pinch. The one from Cuadri made it difficult for the banderilleros and in the crutch task the one from Murcia bet and was far above an office he never humiliated. He leaked before doing a half lunge, there was a request and the public forced Rafael to go around the ring of those of their lives. Small prize for the effort of Rafaelillo, who deserved the big door.

Sevillians Pepe Moral and Esaú Fernández performed together with Rafaelillo. Moral’s first stopped quickly and his second gave options. It was difficult for him to understand them and he was not successful with the steels. Esau pierced the good third and overcame the sixth’s difficulties in an afternoon of dedication and attitude. The sword robbed him of the prize.

Source: La Verdad


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