Spain, at the foot of Chanel


After her bronze in Eurovision Song Contest, the singer presents her show in Madrid, where she is received as sentimental winner

Euro fans and the curious alike received Chanel as a great artist. The Spanish representative in Eurovision 2022 landed in Spain this Sunday and took part in the festivities of the patron saints of the capital at the last minute, in a concert organized by Los 40 Classic in the Plaza Mayor, where she performed “SloMo”, the song that catapulted her to third place. place at the festival. For those who attended, this young Catalan, of Cuban descent, is a winner who made them regain their illusion. Chanelmania was born.

She took the stage at dusk and the square shook. He appeared to be wearing sunglasses because, as he confessed, he had conjunctivitis from so many tears of emotion. “We feel like moral winners,” said Chanel, who admitted to having had an “incredibly difficult” time until arriving in Turin. “Thank you for getting on the ‘SloMo’ boat,” she added in front of a heterogeneous crowd of all ages who had been waiting for her since 6:00 PM, waving the LGTBI, trans flag and also the national flag.

The Plaza Mayor reached its capacity and hundreds of followers had to remain in the area. Raquel, 27, came from Teruel to spend the weekend with her partner and was surprised by the ‘chanelazo’. This fan still remembers the atmosphere that the Aragonese city experienced with the sixth place of David Civera in 2001. Since then she has experienced the festival with maximum intensity.

On the other hand, Carmen, a 30-year-old from Madrid, went to Chanel with her friend. They have been followers of Eurovision since they can remember. They watched the final with friends and went to celebrate the bronze of the Spanish representative in Chueca, the gay neighborhood, which filled the evening with Eurovision parties. “This is like the World Cup final for straights,” he said with a laugh.

In less than five months, Chanel Terrero went from anonymity to the revelation artist of the year. He didn’t have an easy start in his solo music career. The artist closed her social networks after her election to the “Benidorm Fest”, in order to protect her sanity from criticism and insults from those who did not accept her victory. Even parties like United We Can or the union CC OO on RTVE claimed to cancel their victory so that it would not go to the Eurovision Song Contest. Two days after the competition, the toughest now surrender to the proof: Chanel is a star who has made Europe fall in love.

“Honestly, I don’t work for others, but for myself and my team. I don’t work for bad energy but for the good energy that comes in and to do beautiful things. If it’s been silenced, it’s natural,” the singer defended after the final, who entered Spanish Eurovision history by becoming the representative who received the most support with a total of 459 points. It won 231 from the international juries and 228 from the televote. “This has been great. We gave everything and are proud. I encourage anyone who feels from the heart that they want to present themselves to do so. Nothing has been written about the fear of cowards. Art should always prevail,” said Chanel, congratulating the Ukrainian winners Kalush Orchestra. “I think it’s precious that they won. We supported them from minute one. They are incredible”.

Chanel says that after the high before the Eurovision performance, “I would say yes with my heart” to participate in the festival again. “But I think it’s fair to make way for other artists to experience this, because it’s very strong,” admits the artist who, yes, recommends strength for her successor: “You have to be very strong and a team have as I have for me side”. A group of dancers and people who accompanied him to Turin, with whom he wants to continue working in the future: «It’s what I want, I don’t know what will happen, but this is a family».

At the age of 31, the artist has sown the seeds for a promising professional career. Before the Eurovision Song Contest, Chanel broke her teeth in musicals as well known as ‘The Lion King’ or ‘The Bodyguard’ and she also took her first steps as an actress, in series such as ‘The Secret of Old Bridge’ or ‘Aguila Roja’ . Despite the success, the singer does not forget her origins in Olesa de Montserrat (Barcelona) and dedicates her prize to her family, who supported and accompanied her to Turin.

Source: La Verdad


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