Lorca Bullfighting Club presents in Madrid the fulfilled dream of recovering Sutullena


In the Welcome room of the Monumental, the twinning took place between the organization and the Union of Subscribers of Las Ventas

Paco Ureña’s ambush in Madrid was the chance for Lorca to proudly defend himself in Las Ventas. Up to four buses were chartered by the Ciudad del Sol Bullfighting Club towards the Spanish capital. And before the most important bullfight for the bullfighter on earth, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, in the Bienvenida de la Monumental hall, the twinning took place between the Lorca club and the Las Ventas Subscribers’ Union, whose president, Jesús María Fernández , welcomed the Lorca Club and appreciated the work to rebuild Sutullena Square.

In the second part of the event, the two mayors of the PP who governed Lorca spoke after the earthquake. Firstly, Paco Jódar, councilor during the 2011 earthquake, who explained the efforts to ensure that a private property could be restored, even looking for private investment. In his legislature it could not be. In 2017, Pencho Gil took over as mayor. During its term of office, the municipal council acquired the building. Showing off his hobby and his connection to the arena, of which he was chairman for 4 years, Gil appreciated the agreement of the municipal groups to successfully complete the restoration of the Sutullena arena and appreciated the contribution of the autonomous community, with Lorca López Miras as president, and his contribution of 1.7 million euros to be able to start a company that will benefit the entire city of Lorca, giving the arena a multifunctional character

Speaking on behalf of the current socialist mayor Diego José Mateos, with whom the restored square will be inaugurated, the Councilor of Finance, Isidro Abellán, emphasized that when a city merges, projects can be carried out and Lorca with Sutullena An example.

After the exchange of gifts between the Subscribers’ Association and the Bullfighting Club of Lorca, the president of the latter, Juan Coronel closed the event. He thanked the 583 members and the support of the whole city, the businessmen and the hotel industry, who have supported the struggle and the dream of the Club, along with the bullfighter figures and national personalities who attended the call of the Bullfighting Club of Lorca , with special mention for Paco Ureña, who for a long time wore the legend ‘Sutullena Ya’ on his cape. For Coronel, the restoration of Sutullena is an example of how a city has come together to rebuild a monument. And he was ambitious, he demanded the reopening as soon as possible and asked everyone’s union to ensure that his management is also exemplary

Source: La Verdad


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