Why are new episodes of ‘Stranger Things’ taking so long?


The images of the latest episodes of the Netflix series last more than an hour

Regardless of the perils the protagonists face in Season 4, if there’s anything surprising about the new Stranger Things, it’s because of the announced chapter lengths. Where are the times when the series offered short episodes so that the user could consume several at once and the writers weren’t forced to post filler plots? The approximately 40-minute recordings were one of the hallmarks of platform productions compared to those broadcast on free-to-air channels (prolonging them over an hour to hold the audience).

All this has changed. More and more series are striving to stretch their deliveries (especially the pilot chapters). Although it was ‘Stranger Things’ that threw the house out the window. The first episode of the fourth season reaches the hour and 16 minutes. The second, fourth, fifth and sixth are the same, minute up, minute down. The shortest of this batch is the third (1 hour and three minutes). The seventh and eighth lengthen to 98 and 85 minutes respectively. And the ninth is not cut and adds two and a half hours. It should be remembered that this season will not be released in its entirety, as the platform has decided to divide it into volumes. The first seven episodes will air on Netflix on May 27, while the other two will air on July 1.

Was there still so much to tell about the saga that these images were accurate? It is possible. Although it makes sense to think that Netflix wants to make a profit from the investment it has made in this title, which is still one of the most successful in its catalog. The budget per chapter is 30 million. An atrocity. In comparison, 15 million were allocated to each of the last of “Game of thrones.”

Aside from what’s been invested in this blockbuster, there’s another reason the voluminous footage is useful to the company: the new audience measurement system. And I say “it” because there is no independent auditor to measure the success of the platforms, but they are the ones cooking their own data. Therefore, they should always be viewed with caution. Until now, they measured the popularity of a series by the accounts who had seen at least two minutes of each movie or episode. Given the criticism of this system (it should be recognized that two minutes is not very relevant), the company announced a new classification based on the total number of accumulated hours per subscriber.

Once this change in criteria took place, Netflix achieved its first ranking, leading the movie “Red Notice” with 149 million hours. As for the series ‘Narcos: Mexico’, with 50 million hours of viewing, and ‘The Squid Game’, with 43 million hours, they were the most successful.

The new system is favored by the hours fans are likely to spend on the new conspiracies devised by the Duffer brothers. For ‘Stranger Things’ remains one of the series events, despite the wear and tear of the title and the fact that other options have sprung up in the competition to capture the more familiar crowd.

The first part of the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ will be available on Netflix on May 27.

Source: La Verdad


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