Cartagena calls for the restoration of its cultural and natural heritage


Hamgeo, María Ángeles García, Javier Lorente and other artists reflect on the region and the UPCT shows their work with Murcian chickens and grapes

Yesterday, the second day of the Mucho Más Mayo festival of emerging arts, the historic center and the Ensanche of Cartagena filled with activities, as well as the municipalities of Pozo Estrecho and La Palma. In the latter, the Experimental Agrifood Station of the Polytechnic University (UPCT) hosted an open day. He showed the potential of barley farming and is restoring Murcian chicken and the area’s traditional grape varieties, such as Merseguera.

The organizers emphasized the importance of explaining to children the main features of the natural environment, in an entertaining and fun way. And they remembered the motto of the municipal feast: “Firing out, living together, repopulating. Art and politics of the living. Also on La Palma, the artist Hamgeo shone in an intervention on some palm tree trunks, entitled ‘Reconversion of urban recycling, typography and life’.

In Pozo Estrecho, María Ángeles García gave the family workshop ‘SOS Eels!!’, about these fish and their migration. Javier Lorente opened the photo exhibition ‘Heréditas. legacy to the wind I’ and coordinated a pictorial action in Cartagena on the need to value and protect cultural heritage.

Source: La Verdad


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