‘Live is Life’ and other premieres


It is inevitable to think of ‘Count on Me’ in the light of a movie like ‘Live is Life’, which takes its name from the famous song by the Austrian rock group Opus. Unfortunately, the similarities are more of a tribute to Rob Reiner’s wonderful film. Behind the story is not Stephen King, but the playwright and writer Albert Espinosa, responsible for ‘Planta 4ª’ and ‘Red Bracelets’.

Five children on holiday in Galicia star in this adventure that begins almost at a quinqui time in the Barcelona of 1985. The golden light bathes the sites of the Ribeira Sacra in what at times seems like a place. One of the children has cancer. So the friends plan to escape San Juan at night in search of a magical flower that, according to legend, grows on top of a mountain and can make wishes come true.

Dani de la Torre skillfully directs a script in which not much happens and which, as usual in Espinosa’s dramaturgy, seeks emotion at all costs. Nostalgia for the eighties Spain is played: pimps with Bultaco, ‘Un, dos, tres’ on TV, villages of drug addicts… But this attempt to reclaim childhood as a lost paradise founders in the light of dialogues that textbook worthy. self-help, under the guise of ‘life is learning to lose what you have’. ‘Live is Life’, subtitled ‘The great adventure’, was empty at the Malaga Festival last year.

Arnaud Desplechin adapts Philip Roth’s novel ‘Deceit’, which tells the relationship between a famous American writer living in exile in London and his lover, who comes to the hideout of his study to discuss, make love and talk about the divine and man. Léa Seydoux and Denis Polyadès star.

Sevillian Santi Amodeo’s sixth album captures adolescence with its light and shadow, especially its relationship with social networks. A middle-class girl with family conflicts and identity problems typical of her age meets a friend and the word suicide enters her life.

Chus Gutiérrez, the director of ‘Sexo oral’ and ‘El Calentito’, turns to the thriller in “a trip to guilt”, in her words, which has the idiosyncrasy of a half-Mexican, half-Spanish casting. A successful businessman and his friend detonate the plot.

Source: La Verdad


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