Schützenhöfer retreat – Graz KPÖ Mayor Kahr first congratulated


Hermann Schützenhöfer announced on Friday that he will step down as governor of Styria at the beginning of July. This naturally caused a flood of reactions. The mayor of Graz KPÖ Elke Kahr was the first to speak out. Chancellor Karl Nehammer praised the outgoing head of state as a “brave reformer” (see video above).

Elke Kahr, who succeeded the mayor of Graz, Siegfried Nagl, in office after the election victory in the fall, thanked “the veteran politician for his many years of service to the people of Styria, who helped the East Styrian population, who grew up in humble circumstances, exercised with great caution”. The communist also congratulated successor Christopher Drexler. “Like his predecessor, he always cultivated discussions across party lines. I am convinced that the good way of working together will not change.”

Coalition with SPÖ does not seem to wobble
More than half an hour later, the response came from Schützenhöfer’s coalition partner, SPÖ Deputy Governor Anton Lang. “Hermann Schützenhöfer has stood up for our Styria with all his strength and commitment for decades. The personal collaboration with him was characterized by respect and appreciation.”

Does the change in the leadership of the ÖVP change anything for the state coalition? Lang remains vague, but there is no sign of any desire to break the coalition: “As with the entire government, the collaboration with Christopher Drexler has been very good. We will of course also discuss this new situation in our committees. For me, as in the past two years, the focus is on working through our ambitious government program.”

FPÖ with sharp words
Attack is the strongest opposition force in the Styrian state parliament, the FPÖ: “Herman Schützenhöfer’s government policy, especially since 2015, has been characterized by a rigid, large-scale coalition system and a less innovative approach to the major challenges,” said club president Mario. Kunasek. Reforms were decided on the minds of the citizens. However, Kunasek also emphasized Schützenhöfer’s “willingness to engage in dialogue”.

With his announced successor, Kunasek sees “tough times coming in Styria”. “As a member of the Provincial Health Council, he has campaigned massively for hospital closures and the associated thinning of the regions. It is therefore to be feared that even less importance will be attached to the countryside.”

“Unforgettable hours with the grandchildren”
NEOS club president Swatek wishes that Schützenhöfer will be helped “good health, relaxation and above all unforgettable hours with his grandchildren for the future” in times of inflation. The mainstream of society, in particular, has been completely forgotten until now.”

Schützenhöfer’s “handshake quality” is also praised by KPÖ parliament chair Claudia Klimt-Weithaler. She would like to see Drexler bring about “urgent, necessary improvements in nursing and primary education,” two areas that the Communists have been politically working on for years.

The Greens, in turn, are calling for a change of course on climate protection and land use. Club president Sandra Krautwaschl thanked Schützenhöfer “particularly for the transparent information policy in times of crisis”.

Chancellor describes Drexler as an “absolute political professional”
Chancellor Nehammer also spoke out: “In his long political career, Hermann Schützenhöfer has always demonstrated his excellent sense of people’s concerns. His sincere and consistent work with handshake quality earned him the great confidence of Styria, which goes much further beyond the party boundaries.’ Successor Drexler describes Nehammer as “an absolute political professional. He has all the skills and qualities to follow in Hermann Schützenhöfer’s footsteps.”

The Schützenhöfers have a very friendly relationship with the green vice-chancellor Werner Kogler, who both live not far from each other in Graz-Andritz. Kogler chose Twitter for his statement.

Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen also expressed “great thanks” on Twitter: Schützenhöfer would have asked for the divorce.

Born in Lower Austria
As Schützenhöfer’s first colleague, Johanna Mikl-Leitner from Lower Austria, said: The Styrian is “a strong political personality. Hermann Schützenhöfer stands for authenticity, sincerity and handshake quality – and with these qualities he significantly shaped and shaped his country and our republic in a very decisive phase.” Schützenhöfer was incidentally born in Edlitz in Lower Austria in 1952, but came to Styria in a young age.

Church representatives have also spoken out about Schützenhöfer’s departure, including Styrian diocesan bishop Wilhelm Krautwaschl and Salzburg Archbishop Franz Lackner (born in Styria) as well as Caritas director Herbert Beiglböck. The new president of the medical association, Michael Sacherer, also congratulated Schützenhöfer.

Source: Krone


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