The Return of Meg Ryan


The star of unforgettable romantic comedies such as ‘When Harry Met Sally’ returns to the genre that established her: she will direct and star in a new romantic comedy entitled ‘What Happens Later’, where she will share the screen with David Duchovny

The last we heard about Meg Ryan was that she’d made her directorial debut (“Ithaca,” 2015) and an aesthetic surgery, which wasn’t as successful as she’d hoped, had taken her out of circulation. Besides, of course, that he tried to change his image with a high voltage movie that the public did not accept.

Now it has been revealed that the star of unforgettable romantic comedies such as ‘When Harry Met Sally’ or ‘Something to Remember’, who is already 60 years old, is returning to the genre that established her. Ryan will direct and star in a new romantic comedy entitled ‘What Happens Later’ where he will share the screen with David Duchovny. The project, which will be one of the titles that will hit the market at the next Cannes Film Festival, which has just started this Tuesday, to find financing and international buyers.

The film is an adaptation of the play ‘Shooting Star’ written by Steven Dietz, the story of a pair of former lovers who are reunited after decades of separation, when they become trapped in an airport during a snowstorm that has all flights on land. She, who has always been a free spirit, remains free from sentimental ties, while recently divorced.

Obviously, as it is easy to imagine, during that night when they will be forced to spend the airport together, things will happen that will rekindle their past relationship. No one would expect anything else to happen, now billed as a “more evolved and romantic” relationship. ‘What Happens Later’ will be Meg Ryan’s second feature as a director, but the first time she directs a romantic comedy. Her debut behind the cameras was in 2015 with the war drama ‘Ithaca’, starring Alex Neustaedter, where she also played a part herself (her last film appearance since) and had the collaboration of old friends like Tom Hanks or his son Jack Quaid. , born from her relationship with actor Dennis Quaid, her partner during her years of worldwide success.

‘What Happens Later’, which has its motto: ‘What if on a snowy night you come face to face with someone from long ago? Someone who once had your secrets, because once, a long time ago, that person had your heart,” will begin filming later this year in Bentonville, Arkansas. It is being produced by Jonathan Duffy and Kelly Williams through Ten Acre Films, and Laura D Smith and Kristin Mann, Kerri Elder and Blake Elder of Rockhill Studios will executive produce along with Andrew Karpen and Kent Sanderson of Bleecker Street, with a premiere set for late 2023.

Source: La Verdad


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