“It’s an intercultural element of great projection that generates a lot of economic dynamism”


The International Habaneras Contest is already an unavoidable appointment in Torrevieja’s summer calendar. The department of Habaneras, owned by José Antonio Quesada, gives a boost every year to an event that enhances the cultural character of the municipality and attracts many tourists.

–What will the Habaneras competition bring to the municipality?

– Culturally, it is the most important event in our city. It is an intercultural element of great national and international projection, in addition to generating economic dynamism in the city.

–What expectations do you have for this new edition? What attendance forecast does the organization use?

– The expectations are good. The public wants to go back to enjoy the competitive stage and the international choirs. We think we will lack capacity in the Stadsschouwburg.

What is special about this year’s program? What novelties can those who participate in it find?

–First of all, we have restored the competitive phase, after two years of pandemic, with the participation of international choirs and almost 50% of the national choirs.

-The festival has a history of 68 years. How did they manage to keep the event active for so many years? What is the key to success?

-As I have noted, speaking of Torrevieja is speaking of habaneras. Those of us who come from this country do not imagine a summer without a competition. Add to that the institutional will and enthusiasm to preserve our most precious intangible asset, I think those are the keys.

-The festival had a youth edition which was held in May. In addition to this event, how do you maintain this tradition among the youngest in the municipality?

–From the Habaneras Board of Trustees, we are aware of the importance of upholding our tradition, involving the youngest. During this course we managed to find the missing municipal choir school, with an enrollment of more than 100 students. In addition, in the same year the second part of ‘The Gift’ was published, the story of the habanera, written by Amparo Cos and with illustrations by Víctor García, copies of which have been distributed in all schools. In addition, we met the teachers of all the centers for babies and youth in Torrevieja to offer them materials to work on the theme of the habanera in the classroom. We have a very international student body to whom we need to convey our culture and traditions.

– How do you experience this event as a councilor? What is not recommended to miss?

– On the one hand, I feel privileged to be in charge of the organization of the Habaneras competition, as there is a lot of satisfaction. On the other side with the uncertainty and the fear that something could go wrong. Anyway happy and looking forward to getting started.

Every night of the match is special. The opening night will be of great artistic quality, with a concert presented by the Nostrum Mare Camerata orchestra and the Ad Libitum chamber choir of Quart de Poblet. The next two nights have the flavor of Torrevieja, with the participation of the choirs of our city. From Wednesday to Friday we will be able to experience the excitement of the competition phase and the best national and international choirs. Finally, on the closing evening we have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful choral gala, with the jury decision and award ceremony. Therefore, my recommendation is that no one misses an evening.

Source: La Verdad


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