‘La que se avecina’ moves to stately building


The Telecinco comedy undergoes its most profound transformation with the addition of ten new characters

The oldest comedy on Spanish television is preparing a great revolution. The inhabitants of ‘La que se avecina’ leave their already emblematic houses in Mirador de Montepinar to move to a stately building, in fiction, in the center of the big city. The characters of the Telecinco series ended last season with their suitcases on their backs, after being the victims of an unjust expropriation, and will move to Calle Contubernio 49 to live with new neighbors and a community president who firm hand promises.

This is how the 13th season will soon start, which has just started filming in Madrid, and which will retain much of the original cast and will also include up to ten new characters. The most classic continue in fiction, such as Jordi Sánchez, Nathalie Seseña, Pablo Chiapella, Carlos Areces, Luis Merlo, Fernando Tejero, Miren Ibarguren, Loles León, Petra Martínez, Eva Isanta, Nacho Guerreros, Ricardo Arroyo and Macarena Gómez. The actor José Luis Gil, known for the role of Enrique Pastor, who continues to recover from the stroke he suffered in November 2021, will not be there for the time being.

The arrival of the old inhabitants of Mirador de Montepinar will clash with the inhabitants of the new building, including the Guijarro Garmendia family, with traditional values, and whose matriarch is the actress Laura Gómez Lacueva, a model neighbor who shares her profession as a pharmacist with her I work as a mother of a teenager. She has a hidden passion, video games, and presides over the community of owners that she manages without any opposition, until she collides with the tireless Antonio Recio (Jordi Sánchez). Her husband in the production, a tax inspector who shuns conflict, is actor Carlos Chamarro.

The comedy also features veteran performer Mamen García, who will play Victoria Rafaela, a ruined aristocrat who has had to sell the building’s floors to survive. She is a sarcastic and hieratic woman who lives with Logi (Margarita Asquerino), her assistant, who joined her family at the age of 15 and is the only one who can tolerate her. He will also clash with Noelia (Inma Pérez Quirós), his older sister, who returns to the building after spending a long time in a psychiatric center.

Actor Álex Gadea also joins the comedy to play Alonso, a divorced father with two children, who begins an affair with Maite Figueroa (Eva Isanta). In addition, the character of Amador Rivas, played by Pablo Chiapella, will befriend Óscar Serra, a sought-after fashion photographer played by Félix Gómez. Finally, Giorgi (Jaime Riba), a gay boy with a chronic fear of an environmental disaster; Andy (Elizabeth Larena), an artist who works as a waitress; and Karma (Álex Delacroix), an omnisexual instagrammer, will complete the cast of the fiction, directed by Laura Caballero.

Move to reinvent yourself

The total renovation of the fiction, which first premieres on Prime Video before reaching Mediaset, also capitalizes on a reinvention of a series that continues to enjoy audience support in times of fragmentation of television consumption. The last episode of the season offered by Telecinco ended with an 11.2% share and more than 1.5 million viewers.

The new building for ‘La que se avecina’, which is undoubtedly more reminiscent of its predecessor on Antena 3, ‘Aquí no hay qui viva’, is built on two sets of 1,500 and 800 meters respectively. These locations are added to a large exterior decorated area that recreates the street where the property is located.

Source: La Verdad


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