Bizarro Love Triangle heads the Ruidismo festival poster


Eighth Edition. Bullas is organizing its independent music competition on October 1 with twelve bands, DJs and visual artists from the national underground circle

One of the quintessential alternative music festivals in the Murcia region returns to the fore, fulfilling one of its dreams. The eighth edition of Ruidismo, that event only suitable for open minds, takes place on October 1, which, according to specific tradition, coincides with the central day of the festivities of the city’s patron saints. On this occasion, however, he has managed to confirm one of his fetish groups as headliners: Triángulo de Amor Bizarro. But beware, the Galician indie rock, noise rock and post-punk band will not be alone as the line-up is completed by Tortilla Francesa DJ, Melenas, Robot Emilio, .AVI, Costalero, Caliza, Pastor In Vegas B2B Carrie Palmer, Castro, Laborde, Marinita Precaria, and Cosmen. Some of them, as we will see in a few lines, have already gone through Ruidismo, albeit with different projects and different sounds. Alternative music that will again have the La Almazara Youth Center as its stage, where the concerts will be held in the afternoon-evenings, and the festive space of El Jaraiz, where those performing in the afternoon will receive. Behind the festival is the Bullas Noise Pop Association that aims to house and project the most independent bands, DJs and visual artists from the ‘underground’ circle, whether they are already established or emerging.

Ruidismo’s poster consists of more and less well-known names from the alternative scene. One of the new bands is .AVI, an obscure trio composed of musicians from Murcia and Vega Baja, who will present their first work ‘Espejo’ on the Bullense stage. From Madrid and under the labels synthpop, electronica and environmentalism comes Elisa Pérez, known as Caliza and because she was part of Cosmen, Adelaida and Rusos Blancos. Among the festival’s veterans is Castro, who performed in 2015 and this time he will do so with a new project in which he is joined by Meta, Jorge Fuentes and Adriana and whose debut is ‘Tal vez’. But there’s more. Artistic dubbed Cosmen, Javi dropped out of the event in 2016, although his music now has an aftertaste of post-punk, dream pop, shoezage and afrodance. Miriam also repeats her concert, albeit with her band Laborde, where, as her name suggests, she shows her most personal and human face. Defining itself as 21st century romance, the sounds dance between bedroom pop and hyperpop.

From Murcia and also to repeat the experience, there will be the Murcian DJ Carrie Palmer and Pastor in Vegas with a tandem made exclusively for Ruidismo: Pastor in Vegas B2B Carrie Palmer. Electronics and techno in its purest form. The group of old acquaintances is complemented by Robot Emilio, the new proposal by Eduardo Chirinos, who already delighted the festival audience with Las Ruinas in 2015. Now he comes with ‘To the mess!’ under the arm.

Returning to the artists who will make their Ruidismo debut, we have Costalero, who combines rumba and disco sounds with tropical airs. To Melenas who have already filmed and will be making their first visit to the Region with this appointment. A Marinita Precaria and her first album ‘No me mirías’, full of simple, honest pop, without tricks and with lots of keyboard melodies.

The two headliners are Tortilla Francesa, the duo composed of Mariajo and Íñigo who play with “pop hits” and the contrast between North and South – the soul of “the mecca of disco”, Discos Bora-Bora, in Granada, and partly of Kokoshca–. And Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Galicians signed by Mushroom Pillow who have been rocking it since 2004 with their personal and non-transferable music.

Source: La Verdad


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