Filmmakers from Molina triumph at the Avanca festival in Portugal


‘José Luis Espinosa, the spy’, by Alfonso Palazón, and the short film ‘Sorda’, co-directed by Eva Libertad, win five awards

The film ‘José Luis Espinosa, the spy’, directed by Molinense Alfonso Palazón Meseguer, has won two major awards at the Avanca International Film Festival, recently held in Portugal: the World Premiere Prize for Feature Films and the Prize for the Competition for Advance . The film, co-produced by the Portuguese production house Filmografía and the Spanish Pasajes Invisibles, has received the support of the city council of Molina de Segura.

At the same international festival, the short fiction film “Sorda”, directed by Eva Libertad and Nuria Muñoz, also with the support of the city council of Molina de Segura, has won the prize for best actress, awarded to Miriam Garlo, also from Molina , according to sound and the award presented by the International Federation of CineClubs.

On the other hand, the short documentary ‘Espejismos’, also directed by Alfonso Palazón, received a special mention from the festival jury.

The Avanca International Film Festival takes place every year in Avanca and is organized by the Avanca Film-Club and the Municipality of Estarreja, with the support of the ICA/Ministry of Culture, the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, the Tourism Centre, Parish Council, Avanca Parish and Estarreja School Group, as well as various international organizations and local entities.

In the words of Soledad Nortes, Mayor of Culture, “this international success demonstrates the success of the City Council in betting on film creation in Molina de Segura, with the celebration this autumn of the Second Week ‘Molina is Cinema’, and with the sponsorship of different films according to a double criterion: promoting the Molina de Segura brand as a cultural city and promoting local filmmakers and artists».

José Luis Espinosa Pardo, the main character of Alfonso Palazón’s documentary, was a carpenter born in San Javier (Murcia), whose profession was only a cover for his real activities. A man of a chameleon character, he was a fugitive from the Spanish military service, a political exile, a guerrilla member of the Algerian FLN, an active member of armed groups (Frap, Grapo, Mpaiac), a confidant of the Franco police, a deputy to the Socialist Congress of Suresnes, a spy, a secretary general of the UGT of Murcia, arms dealer and seven years prisoner in Carabanchel prison.

A few months ago the novel ‘Espinosa Pardo. Story of a Confidant’, by Paco Lopez Mengual, also from Molin, co-writer with Alfonso Palazón of the now award-winning documentary film.

The short ‘Sorda’ delves, from fiction, into a reality little known to society, which wants to make visible and make known the concerns of people with hearing problems. In this 2022, this fiction won, among other things, the Audience Award at the XIX Ibero-American Short Film Contest of ‘Versión Española’, organized by TVE.

Source: La Verdad


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