Liam Neeson surprises Derry Girls in new series


The Dairy Girls triumphantly returned to the screen

The Derry Girls are back, and it’s no surprise that they’re causing a buzz.

The first episode of Channel 4’s latest comedy series was shown on Tuesday evening, in the presence of all the guests, along with the star’s mother.

The first episode greeted all of our favorite characters with their usual amusement, and the third series has already been set as one we’ll never forget, but the one thing we didn’t get to see was who was named a police officer.

The entire country is shocked when Hollywood assistant Liam Neeson emerges from the obscurity of RUC Station in London and is tasked with questioning the girls (and James) who were caught breaking into the school.

Ultimately faded by Uncle Cole’s endless drone, with the gang tactically calling him a “responsible adult,” Balimina’s appearance on the show only underscores the impact the Derry Girls have had since it aired in 2018.

During the question-and-answer session following the series’ third premiere in Derry last week, writer and creator Lisa McGee and director Michael Lennox shared their experiences working with the “Taken” star.

Michael Lennox said he made a phone call to Neeson the night before the episode was shot and was surprised by the “sound” on the other end of the phone.

Lisa McGee said she used nicknames to hide the mystery guest pay to make sure the viewer would be the main surprise when the first episode aired and would be happy when she could talk about it.

He joked that the experience was “really, really scary” and hid on set from Liam Neeson until he said, “He called me.”

Both Lisa and Michael said the guest appearance came because Neeson was actually a “fan of the show” and on stage earlier in Guildhall, he has connections to the city.

Michael told Q&A fans that Neeson actually told them that it was Dame actress Helen Mirren who introduced him to the world of Dairy Girls.

Derry Girls continues on Channel 4 on April 19 at 9:15 p.m.

Source: Belfastlive


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