The “massive increase” in obtaining fillers and Botox materials


Dr. Mervyn, Carrie and Rachel from Woodford Medical Belfast

A leading esthetician explained how there has been a “massive increase” in the number of people taking fillers and Botox in Northern Ireland.

Dr. Marvin Patterson, Medical Director at Woodford Medical, a clinic located on Lisburn Street, has been in the field of aesthetic medicine for 25 years.

He said that over the past five years, more and more people in Belfast have been visiting beauticians to change their appearance.

Dr. Mervyn is also a judge for the NI Beauty Excellence Awards, proudly sponsored by West Coast Cooler, and media, partner of the Daily Mirror and Belfast Live.

The expert told Be, “There was a massive increase [in injectables]. It was considered unusual and a little strange. People kept it very, very secretive, I mean, beyond absolute secrecy, making sure no one knew—no husbands, no family, no friends because they were all afraid of criticism, ridicule, ridicule—just judged that they were doing something strange. .

“I really freaked out because there are a lot of people doing it now. I wouldn’t say it’s normal in Belfast, but it gets there, almost like a haircut.”

Dr Mervyn, who was named to the UK’s top ten list, added that attitudes are changing because of the ‘domino effect’.

She said, “One or two people tried it, and eventually they talked to friends and they said, ‘Oh, I didn’t realize you did Botox, you’re really fine, I thought there was something different about you. Start a conversation like this and then people will stop lying about what they did.

“Feller sometimes, people can talk a little slowly. There are obviously people who take it to the extreme and change their appearance so much that the postman might tell you that, but it’s really not who we are or what we are. We’re trying to achieve.”

Dr. Mervyn said his clinics aim for a “natural look” and noted that young people opt for fillers and Botox.

“You want a nice improvement [the client] He sees the difference, but in fact everything else remains to be guessed and commented on.

“generation, [of those aged] In their late twenties and early thirties, they now care more about their appearance and getting things done early. They are more involved in skin care, procedures, and do not sunbathe in the same way, but rather take some Botox to avoid problems.

“That’s an increase in the whole age group, she’s young, and that’s a big wave in between, but there are also mature women,” she said.

The clinic owner has noticed an increase in the past five years, but especially after the Covid-19 shutdown – people want to increase their self-esteem.

He said: The increased interest since we opened after the lock I can’t explain, it will be because [people] Attend zoom conferences and see yourself on video cameras, whether it’s on vacation or going to a restaurant and have a little money to spend on yourself or just to improve yourself.

“They just got bored. It really does make people feel better.”

Dr Mervyn said the three most popular treatments at Woodford Medical Belfast at the moment are cheek augmentation, Botox and face contouring.

He explained, “We try to encourage cheek augmentation before it goes below the lip line. Sometimes it’s best to widen the cheek a little bit first because this brings back the height of the cheek and has a tightening effect on the lower part of the face.”

“Botox is numerically the most important treatment for us, and cheek augmentation comes in second and third place.

“Profhilo is an injectable form of hyaluronic acid and thanks to the combination of HA molecules, when applied under the skin, it spreads evenly all over the face. It is the complete opposite of a filler because it is a filler. Designed to stay put.”

“It only corrects some fine lines and irregularities and is especially beneficial for the lower part of the face. It has become very popular.”

Dr. Mervyn said many people are very concerned about their choice of injections because they are worried it will look “too fake” because of what they see in the media.

“Every new client, this conversation should happen, they always come up with some disagreement on the topic: ‘I’ve seen in the papers this famous guy looks weird, I can’t look like that or go that way. It must be complex.

“There are people who never go for injections and come to us for skin treatment, we only treat them for sun damage…fine raw materials, all kinds of methods.”

The doctor explained how PDO threads, a “relatively new treatment in Belfast”, are becoming more and more common.

“These are threads that are implanted under the skin and have small areas that hold the tissue in place, and that lifts the skin a little bit.

“It is used to lift the cheeks, lift the lower part of the face, lift the wands, lift the eyebrows… By using fine and delicate threads, you can lengthen the eye contour.

“I learned how to do it in Korea, it’s an incredibly popular treatment in Asia and it’s really gaining momentum here in Ireland.”

Dr. Mervyn asked about the importance of the research and knowing who to visit to perform the procedures related to the injections.

He said, “It is very important. As we all know, it is amazing how disorganized it is [this area] And the.

“Almost anyone can start and leave a half-day workout, with no controls and balance weights, no controls…nothing..

“It could be their first victim. These injections can have serious consequences. With the right hand these risks are minimal and in the hands of the doctor they know how to deal with complications.”

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Source: Belfastlive


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