Roy Reynolds: The court said the murder suspects wanted to board a boat and throw the body into the sea


Roy Reynolds: The court said the murder suspects wanted to board a boat and throw the body into the sea
Roy Reynolds and the Ratkul Police Scene

The Supreme Court ruled today that the alleged killer of a man found in a tank wanted to board a boat and dump his body at sea.

The judge was also told that Roy Reynolds, 54, sustained multiple fractures and stab wounds at Michael Campbell’s Newtown home last month.

The retiree, accused of helping to remove the body, claims that he came to the apartment to witness Campbell kick the deceased in the head while making a “crack” sound.

Robert Fulton, 68, was fired for his alleged role in the aftermath of the murder.

Mr. Reynolds’ partial underwater remains were discovered in the North Woodburn Reservoir near Kerekverges on March 28.

Campbell, 32, of East Way, Ratkul, is charged with murder in the previous hours.

Fulton, of Belfast Road, Ballycalar, under threat of aid and abetting.

He is accused of delivering his car to the crime scene and making a hole in the breeze block in an attempt to aggravate the victim’s condition.

Roy Reynolds

Two men were arrested when police stopped a bloodied car, apparently returning from a dam.

By that time, a neighbor had already said he saw a man drag his naked body out of Campbell’s house and put it in the trunk of a car.

During a property search, investigators said, they found bloodstained walls and clear signs of disorder.

There was also a bloodstained knife and electric hedge blade attached to a threaded couch.

Campbell, who remains in custody, alleges that he acted in self-defence.

But it was revealed in court today that Mr. Reynolds had fractures to his jaw and ribs, as well as injuries to his chest and other areas of his body.

When Fulton tried to get him released, defense attorney Paul Bacon argued that he was acting as a terror suspect.

“The case he referred to the police was that when he entered the house, Mr. Campbell stepped on the body and lay down and heard a crackling sound,” the attorney said.

“Mr. Fulton was frightened and disgusted.”

According to the lawyer, the accused realized that the victim was already dead, immediately left the apartment and returned to his car.

“He thought if he called the police or an ambulance, he would get the same treatment as a man,” Bacon said.

After that, Campbell allegedly walked out and the body was pulled away.

“He drank vodka, screamed, brushed and behaved in a manner that could be described as very disgusting,” the lawyer said.

Mr. Fulton has been ordered to leave [another address] So they can take the boat and put the body on the boat and throw it into the sea.

“Mr Fulton has gone to the house of this man, who fittingly rejects this idea.”

The court heard that he then followed Campbell’s instructions to catch the breeze and drill holes for the rope for body weight.

“This was his mortal terror against that individual,” Mr. Bacon continued.

He noted that Fulton was not involved in the actual murder, and only because of this level of fear was he involved in further attempts at liberation.

“He’s been to Campbell before,” the lawyer added.

Most recently, he was forced to sell what was his prized table in order to buy Mr. Campbell’s car which Mr. Campbell later destroyed.

But after denying Fulton bail, Judge Huddleston noted the danger of interfering with the administration of justice.

The judge also stated: “I am also aware that the applicant himself may be in some degree of danger.”

Source: Belfastlive


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