The future of the Guardia Civil


This institution is one of the most valued by the Spanish, but one of the worst paid and most mistreated by the governments

The celebration of the Virgen del Pilar, patron saint of the body, gathers acts of upliftment of the Guardia Civil around October 12. There will be no shortage of speeches from authorities, or parades, the imposition of awards and of course a solemn commemoration of the vigilantes who died on their service. In those moments, I feel that these acts are used to tease us. Those pompous slogans about the value of the Guardia Civil, those words of encouragement for dedication, commitment and sacrifice are still not accompanied by facts. This institution is one of the most valued by the Spaniards, but also one of the worst paid and most mistreated by the successive politicians in Spain’s governments.

The claim that Jucil has maintained since its inception is equal pay with the rest of the state security forces and bodies. But the differences grow as they tell us “they’re working on it” or “it’s being studied.” The pay gap has grown between what a vigilante earns and what a woman integrated into the Mossos d’Esquadra receives. And with retirement it gets even worse: a community police officer can retire at the age of 59; a vigilante is forced to drag out his working life until he is 65 and gets 7,000 euros less per year than the previous one, who has been enjoying his pension for six years.

The personnel remain subject to the Military Criminal Code in their police service and in their daily lives. An archaic, insulting, discriminatory and arbitrary regulation. If you ask how the change of these old, outdated and expired rules is going, they answer with “as soon as we have the chance”. Overtime has not disappeared. Long work hours go on without the associated rest in between, with changing calendars making it difficult to reconcile work and private life. We have been trying for months to accept a generic shift, similar to that of our colleagues from the National Police. They are studying it. Together with the above, the drama in the barracks: suicide. A scourge that requires a change of mentality with the greatest urgency to help those potentially affected to get out of this situation efficiently and effectively.

The needs and claims in the force are many and cover all areas. In the area of ​​health, for example, we will continue our efforts to bring to justice those responsible for the government of Catalonia, which has refused vaccination to the vigilantes, just because they were. A fact recognized by the Supreme Court. We are also concerned about the alarming lack of resources and incentives for guards. We will recall and demand from the General Director of the Guardia Civil, María Gámez, the words of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, that the declaration of Campo de Gibraltar as a Special Singularity Area should be studied for the Campo de Gibraltar when it was seen how the situation worsened this summer.

Drug trafficking and organized illegal immigration have perfected their methods and are increasingly imposing themselves on society in a mafia system similar to the one that subjugates regions in other countries. A specialized response is needed from professionals working in precarious conditions, without economic or material incentives and without sufficient equipment to respond to the technological and violent leap seen in criminal organizations. And as they drag us out, specialized services are being dismantled, such as the coordinating body against drug trafficking in Andalusia.

The limited training offered, the frugality and seniority of the facilities, the arbitrariness of transfers, service commissions or awards are other issues we have dealt with in the Guardia Civil for a year without progress. The governments that have succeeded each other in Spain have never opted for equality, nor have they met wage equality. They would rather we be discriminated against, resourceless, morally and economically impoverished. A sad reality.

Source: La Verdad


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