Heteroflex: The proof of the pudding is in the study


Sociologist and sex educator Barbara Rothmüller this time about casual sex with more than one gender.

Elena likes men. Point. But sometimes she also cuddles with a woman. Your friends think that’s weird. Wasn’t she just heterosexual? Or maybe she is bi? Under pressure from her friends, Elena says, “I’m straight flexible.”

Heteroflexible is one of those new terms doing the rounds on social media. A woman who is heteroflexible mainly dates men, but she is also interested in other genders. At least sometimes. Heteroflexible people are viewed critically from two sides, the majority of society and queer people: isn’t straight cool enough for them? Why not bisexual then? Online forums are full of posts from young people who find it difficult to describe their sexuality and wonder if they are “really straight at all”.

With heteroflexibility, young people create a new identity beyond the gay/heteronorm. It is dismissed by some as a drunken curiosity that fades with age. In fact, this sexual openness is not a marginal phenomenon in Austria. As my latest research shows, one in five people are erotically attracted to more than one gender. For boys under 30 this is almost one in three. It’s not that rare.

Sexology shows that bisexuality is a legitimate and lifelong identity, even though surprisingly little is known about it. People who still want to be sexually oriented naturally follow the motto “The proof of the pudding is in the eating” in their sexual orientation. Flexible depending on the occasion. It does not matter which term is used for this. It’s more important if it feels right. Only then will you know more.

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