With a private jet to the climate conference – is that still possible?


Who would have thought saving our climate could be so much fun? From the champagne-loaded private jet, you head directly to the permanently air-conditioned halls of the world climate conference via a new highway. A handshake here, a pathetic speech there – and our climate is saved! But sarcasm aside, do the world’s politicians think we’re that stupid?

No one is demanding that a politician should paddle to Egypt. But that some 400 private jets reportedly landed in Sharm el-Sheikh for the UN climate conference can hardly be surpassed in terms of chutzpah. You can tell us so much about climate protection – the COP 27 can no longer be taken seriously!

It was because of the optics!
Because you don’t have to be a radical climate activist to question the necessity of traveling by private jet for such an occasion. After all, this noble vehicle emits five to fourteen times more CO2 per person than a regular aircraft. Can’t you at least come for the climate conference like any mere mortal? If not out of conviction – it was because of the crooked look!

Are they secretly laughing at us?
The fact that the halls in the pleasantly warm seaside resort of Sharm el-Sheikh have also cooled down to sweater level shows how little this whole thing can be taken seriously. One would like to know what goes on in the minds of those politicians who then make their active telephone calls to Cassandra from the world stage there. Do they believe themselves when they tell us that urgent action is needed? Maybe afterwards they will laugh together at the champagne dinner.

Sympathy for climate activists
You could almost sympathize with the climate activists at the thought. It is understandable that people get aggressive in view of the climate toppers in Egypt. There’s just as little point in smearing paintings with paint or mashed potatoes out of frustration – but the desperation and anger behind these stupid actions are understandable.

You should throw mashed potatoes at these politicians
Perhaps activist groups should be encouraged to throw mashed potatoes at politicians who use double standards, rather than paintings, or block private jet landing pads. Why must it always be bystanders who suffer from the actions? That would hit the right one at least once.

Source: Krone


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