Northern Ireland teachers vote to strike amid ‘wage and workload concerns’


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Professors are expected to vote on the Industrial March after the education minister was accused of failing to tackle wages and workloads multiple times.

NASUWT said Michelle McKelvin offered employees a salary to enforced employees, and one representative described it as a “blow to the teeth.”

The announcement came after the union said the two-year salary offer last month was “mostly rejected” by teachers.

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NASUWT Secretary General, Dr. Patrick Roach said: “Our members have expressed deep frustration and exasperation with their pay, workload and working conditions, and this has not been repeatedly directed to the Minister.

“They were firm and clear that the salary offered to them was an affront to their dedication and hard work.

The boycott offer came after months of delay and was a further perverse cut in the real terms of their wages as we entered our deepest life crisis in half a century. Abuse of injury, lack of excessive workload further exacerbates teacher discontent.

“Unfortunately we have no choice but to vote for our members for union action. NASUWT will not stand idly by as long as teachers and principals remain on both sides of the pandemic and the damage to our members’ education and working lives.”

National Football League spokesman Justin McCampfield added: “The ridiculous salary offer we saw in February had a severe impact on the profession.

“Failure to take action to address serious work-related problems only exacerbates the trauma.”

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Source: Belfastlive


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