Hofmann & Katzer – who has the last word at Rapid?


“Krone” football expert Rainer Bortenschlager writes today about the new management constellation at SK Rapid, especially about the interaction between Steffen Hofmann and Markuskatzer…

“Friendliness par excellence, one step forward, two steps back, stable smell, stagnation – again no change!” Not all Rapid fans responded enthusiastically to Markuskatzer’s “obligation” as head of sports. After Vaduz’s embarrassment, many had demanded a retrenchment, a reboot with an “unencumbered” outside expert.

Katzener is (inter)nationally inexperienced and also takes a big risk – because at Vienna he could have continued to work in peace to promote the second division team. Certainly, Andreas Schicker shows in Graz that you can still get off to a flying start. But he alone has the word in the storm. While Rapids board member Michael Hatz now speaks of “a courageous model with dual leadership”. Exciting.

Because Steffen Hofmann is probably in charge. No official statement will be made in Hütteldorf until January 5. In any case, Rapid’s general manager acts as the mouthpiece of the club, but should not be responsible for the professionals, for the figurehead. But for the offspring and Rapid II.

Who decides which talent is nurtured? Who has the final say on transfers? The duo do not always agree. And coach Zoki Barisic will also have an opinion…

The fact that the trio is friends and has an honest character is an advantage. But you can’t be too nice in professional football either. Unpopular measures, such as Austria’s expulsion of Manfred Schmid, may not be right, but they are often part of it. Otherwise you are stewing in your own juice.

Hofmann and Katzer now have to show that they can also successfully put down Rapid from “our own ranks” sportingly. But if it doesn’t work, only one will have to take the blame…

Source: Krone


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