Including wing – the showpiece of Parliament: a walk through noble halls


After four and a half years, the Hohes Haus has been completely renovated and shines in new splendour. 1600 rooms, 500 chandeliers. Beautiful meeting rooms, lots of information and gastronomy. The opening is on January 12.

The President of the National Council will proudly guide you through the noble halls. The studied historian Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP) tells the history of parliament. After his political career, he could definitely hire him as a tourist guide.

The new parliament will open on 12 January. It took four and a half years to build. Costs: 420 million euros. The result is worth seeing. Theophil Hansen, the Danish architect of the first version in the late 19th century under the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph, would probably not be dissatisfied with the adaptation.

Much tested: bombs and wear
The House of Lords, which was still called the Reichsrat building in Imperial times, has had a lot to endure. Not only countless political blunders, but also the bombings in World War II. 80% of the building had to be restored. Time then worked on the showpiece on the ring, which was built in Greek-classical style. The radical renovation was not out of a predilection for splendor, but out of necessity. The listed substance should be protected as much as possible. The upper and ground floors have been completely redecorated, the meeting room of the National Council and the historic meeting room have been completely preserved in their original state, as well as the beautiful library, which will also be available to visit in the future.

There is a new visitor center and two shops on the ground floor. On the top floor there are multifunctional rooms, the democracy workshop and a large catering area. The chief proudly points to his new kingdom. There is only meat from happy animals. Made in Austria. You can stay here late into the night. View of the city center included. From above you can also look into the National Council Hall, which is covered by a glass dome.

In total, 55,000 square meters have been renovated, floors and technical installations have been redone, 740 windows and 600 doors have been renovated and 500 chandeliers have been refurbished. The new parliament now has 1600 chambers. Everything digitized. The facade on the Ringstrasse side has been restored, as well as the Pallas Athena fountain and 44 marble Attica figures. And then there is the famous golden grand piano by Bösendorfer. The takeover was the idea of ​​Wolfgang Sobotka. The opposition was furious, because only in expensive times like these can you pay 3,000 euros in rent per month for a piano. Incidentally, Messrs Hansen and Bösendorfer had the idea for this at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1867. However, the good piece did not end up in parliament at the time. Empress Sisi is said to have seen it and claimed it for herself.

Source: Krone


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