ORF Arena: The clever wolf in the Kickl trap


Political interviews as modern gladiator fights: this is how viewers can be lured in front of the television screens. This is important in the competitive TV market. But it can also go wrong. Like the recent duel between Armin Wolf and Herbert Kickl in the ORF Arena.

About a quarter of eligible Austrians would currently vote for the Freedom Party. The motives for this are as diverse as the voters. Some don’t want foreigners, others are fed up with the government. The partially attackable SPÖ is not an alternative, and the neoliberal model of the Neos may not be the end of the story, but it lacks appeal in the current situation. Not all FPÖ voters are hardcore fans of the party. But almost all of the FPÖ’s critics are staunch opponents of this party, which has come to an end several times through its own fault. Anyone who opposes the FPÖ is guaranteed to receive the applause of the majority. This can have a seductive effect. With fatal consequences.

Source: Krone


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